Palmistry - hill Venus

On the hill of Venus can be found the emotional nature of man. Many people think that the hill of Venus can be read through the physical beauty of a person, in fact it is not.

In palmistry Mount of Venus indicates a man of principle, flexibility in society and the pursuit of the cherished dream, so viewing the hill of Venus, we will look at the thumb, where you can spend a brief description of the person.

We remind that the characteristic of human conduct, it is necessary to look two hands. The left hand - it is karma from birth, from a previous life, and from parents. The right hand - it actions on which depends the future, therefore, the right hand, you can find out the real character of the man and partly to look into the future.

The high hill of Venus means that man is endowed with great emotional feeling. The lines on the hill means emotional impact on people. The length of each line, the number of lines on the hill or direction have their value.

Since the Mount of Venus indicates emotional person while the line of the heart or soul is a personal human life and spiritual character each palmist must consider simultaneously the mound of Venus and the heart line.

The value of the hill of Venus on palmistry

Grille indicates the high emotionality. Large grill It indicates a strong emotion. The energy that moves away from the hill of Venus blocked other energies and there is the struggle of two forces, thus, hand formed grille. Such people are not always able to solve the problem and need help loved ones, relatives or friends. Also, people through petty trouble, could shed tears, often manifested depression, moodiness and mental illness.

grill on the hill of Venus

If the grille is present on the hill, and the heart line ends on the hill of Jupiter, such a person more trusts intuition than reason. Such people are quick to fall in love and often suffer. Such a person cannot control their feelings and to another person.

grill on Venus

If the heart line ends on the hill of Saturn, such people are able to control their emotions, especially if the situation affects their personal interests. Such people do not always understand the jokes. With such people need to be careful because of the-for the sake of their dreams, often use other people.

grill on Venus

If the heart line is straight and on a hill there is grill, such a person is able to control their emotions until a certain time. Such people are always fighting for their own interests and do not always recognize their mistakes. Sympathy shown only to relatives.

grill on Venus

If the heart line is tilted down, such a person is very principled, rectilinear, not blow upon and say everything he thinks about the person. Such a person, though emotional but always rely on your own mind. Such a person can solve any problem and appreciate honest people. Such a person relies more on its own forces. This is a very principled person, the owner of a hand can envisage a few steps forward and act logically and not always traditional way.

Often listen to your intuition, and only in the last turn It shows emotion. Such people do not repeat their mistakes, and if a man broke off relations with another man, he is with him will never converge.

grill on Venus

If on the hill of Venus intersect the line, it indicates the suffering in their personal lives and unrequited love.

hill Venus - lines intersect

Long lines that touch the line of life, speak of high emotion. Such people are very jealous and often becomes the initiator of the scandal.

long lines from the hill of Venus to the line of life

Short lines say that a person is able to control their emotions and able to solve any kind of work. Such people are able to focus on the problem of not showing his suffering.

Short lines from the hill of Venus to the line of life

A triangle indicates a strong passion where a person is able to control their feelings and emotions.

Triangle on the hill of Venus

Circle or point at Palmistry is considered a bad sign. This unhappy love or loss of a partner. The circle or point on the hill of Venus may indicate a problem that one can not solve and this soul suffers greatly.

Circle on the hill of Venus

First of all you need to watch the main line on the wrist, then gradually consider all the hills on the hand.

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