Heart line in palmistry

Heart line in palmistry is one of the 4 main lines. It predicts our love relationship and direct our emotions. Through the heart, you can tell a lot about a person. But there are cases where the heart line is absent, such person is called - a heartless person. Such people are not able to show regret, love and appreciate others.

If the line is thin and short, such a person to appreciate financial situation. When the line is wide and long, such a person is extremely proud and jealous.

Breaks in the line of the heart, that such person is a change in the feelings, they are called "windy people." They do not know how to respect and love, their words are different from actions. These people need to fear.

The ideal heart line should end up on the hill of Jupiter (below the ring finger), also, the line should be thicker middle and deep.

The owner of a palm carefully selects friends and legible to the partner. Such a person is not in a hurry to register their relationship. Such a person is trying to find a perfect match and not let yourself fool. Character strict, but if you strongly attached to such a person, you will see that the more gentle person you will not find.

Such a person is generous, high spirituality with leadership abilities. The character of such a person depends on the mood, he first speaks, and then thinks. Does not hold grudges, and through his pride, not always apologize, even if it is not right.

heart line

With a long and straight line of the heart or soul, a man closed and selfish. He knows how to hide their feelings and behavior control. This partner will not show your jealousy or passionate feelings. Such a person will not attach much attention to their half.

Love relationship it is perceived on a physical level. In marriage the person enters for their own benefit.

Compromises are worth the wait. And when he feels guilt, tries to redeem gifts or money. From such a man of romance is not worth the wait.

heart line

End of the line on the hill of Saturn, palmistry means that people are selfish and only thinks about himself. Feelings partner indifferent to him, he thinks only of his own satisfaction. Love relationship starts because of sex.

Such a person is constantly in need of physical intimacy.

If your partner is a sign of how the figure of fidelity in love him do not wait. Such people, especially women, have numerous love affairs. This is a very sensual and sexual person, but he lacks consistency.

Through its stability is not in a relationship, this person is very difficult to find a partner that would suit your body and soul.

heart line

Fork points to the hypocrisy. These people are emotional, but not always come into dispute. Before something to prove, they will think carefully and agree to compromise.

heart line

Curved line that ends between the index and middle finger, can be called a good-natured and sincere person.

The owner of a palm spiritually developed and with a loved one in his honest, sincere and friendly relations.

Such a person does not like quarrels and conflicts, but if a person believes he is right, it will be a long time to prove and explain. Partner chooses his own kind, and through his suffering and naivety experiencing heartache. In marriage, a man will never change partner.

heart line

The gap on the line shall be construed as heart heartache or break a loving relationship. This may be a loss of a loved partner or mental problems.

Received the first negative experience, a man finds himself alone or a short-term love affairs.

Anyone who has a gap in the line, is deceived. Not to destroy your life, try to ponder and choose the right one.

heart line

A wavy heart line means that a person with a variable character, a long time looking for a wife or husband and even when marrying, often changes his beloved half. Throughout life a lot of sexual partners, quickly gets into conversation with other people and easily enters into trust.

Money and material things become a stimulus to life and often forget about a loved one. Also in parallel you need to look at the life line, fate line and the heart line that will tell you about the principles.

- If the heart line first fat and then thin - a man after 35-40 years recognizes mistakes and no longer betray. Very often this person is able to tell a partner about a love treason.

- If the heart line thick - people throughout their lives will have many sexual partners. These people are not able to create a strong family, sometimes married several times.

A wavy heart line

Branched line, where one of the branches is directed to the index finger, and the other branch is directed to the middle finger, such a person is spoiled by parents with bad character.

Such people are quick-tempered, often scandals but never hit a soul mate.

heart line

The thin line of the heart, which ends under the index finger (the hill of Jupiter) - a man with tender feelings. It is easy to bring to the tantrums, very hot-tempered person.

heart line

The thick line in palmistry means that a person rude, without soul tenderness.

heart line

Heart on the line gap is interpreted as heartache or love relationship. This may be the loss of a beloved partner or mental problems.

After receiving the first bad experience, the person is left alone or has a short love relationship. One who has a gap on the line turns out to be deceived. In order not to destroy their lives, try to think and choose the correct version.

heart line

If the heart line crosses the line of life and converges with the line of the head, a man at the mercy of their feelings, desires and emotions. With such people hard to live, they are frequent tantrums and depression. In business, they can be expected surprise, they are not reliable partners.

On palmistry owner of the mark does not believe in God and through the money ready to kill.

heart line

Line connection of heart with a line head, interpreted as a struggle between mind and soul. Such a person is always looking for a lot of options. Tries to choose the easiest and safest. Compassion from him do not expect his soul merged with the mind.

Such people are strict, but in spite of all the violence, such a person will not disappoint. He does not like to lie and not to maintain relations with not honest people. In business, it is a reliable partner.

heart line

Now consider the sign where head line connected to the line of the heart. In this arrangement, the man behind the money is ready to do everything. He does not know what compassion is. His mind absorbs the soul, these people are called - heartless.

heart line

If the heart line consists of a chain, such a person relationship will not last long, it will often suffer and be in the part of the depression.

heart line

In palmistry the signs on the lines can be a lot to say about the past and the future. If you saw the palm of a bad sign, no need to panic.

Our hand is an information card that can be modify. All the bad lines and marks serve as a warning, not a sentence. Has the opportunity to change their fate, as in the best, and in the bad side.

Meaning of signs on the line of the heart.
1 cross - heartache, breakup or divorce.
2 island - mental suffering, problems in romantic relationships.
3 square - in palmistry this sign says about protection. If you broke up with your partner, it means that he does not deserve you. If you have a square on the line of the heart, and you broke up with your loved one, it means that he'll want to use a higher power to protect you. Not worth ogorchatsya breakdown of relationships for a while, you will understand that it should have been.
4 point - the gap or severe problems in the relationship. Not happy love.
5 Triangle - such a person is always in control of his emotions and defies the senses. This is a good sign of protection. 6 star - a happy relationship.
7 parallel line - people with the mark of a love affair in parallel. They are a constant partner is always small, they are not true.

heart line

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