Rune Meanings Elder Futhark

The senior Futhark consists of 24 runes, and is divided into 3 “Atts” for 8 runes.

The word "Att" is translated from Old German and means "genus". Every "Att" has a connection with a certain god. God Freya is influencing the first "Att". God Heimdall influences the second. God Tier - affects the third "Att". This division of the runes of the senior Futarka will help you to remember the meaning.

Att Freya

Symbolizes - cattle.
Rune means financial profit, money, wealth, self-development, success and financial help.
Inverted rune - loss of self, no respect, greed and failure.

Rune Fehu

Symbolizes - Wild Bull.
A lot of physical strength, not hasty decision making, perseverance and wisdom. A person is endowed physical energy, but in the period.  but  in certain
Inverted rune - loss of strength and frequent depression. Losing the meaning of life and lack of self-development.

Rune Uruz

It symbolizes - Thor (god of thunder).
A lot of energy and physical strength, which aims to achieve the goal. Indicates a man with high energy and sexuality to fertilize.
Inverted Fleece - hatred of other people, high crime and selfishness.

Rune Thurisaz

Symbolizes - God  Odin.
A person is endowed with the ability to enter into trust, the ability to communicate with unfamiliar people and the energy connection with other people. Wisdom, poetry and magic.
Inverted rune - delusion, hypocrisy and manipulation by other people.

Rune Ansouz

Symbolizes - Chariot.
Desire to travel and find new adventures. Getting to know new people and achieving the goal. Realization of new ideas and success in business.
Inverted rune - lack of internal development, unfair decisions and financial crisis.

Rune Raido

It symbolizes - the torch.
The high energy of life, knowledge and creative success in business. The ability to implement new ideas. Strong passionate relationship and harmony with your loved one.
Inverted rune - lies, hypocrisy and humiliation of others.

Rune Kenaz

Symbolizes - Gift and reciprocity.
A man is very generous and reliable partner. Always appreciates the good deeds of other people and the mutual relationship with your beloved. The main value - a reciprocal relationship.
Inverted rune - greed and dependence on other people.

Rune Gebo

Symbolizes - Joy.
Cheerful and positive mood, pleasure and harmony. Success in all cases.
Inverted rune - trouble and struggle. Frequent troubles and financial failure in business.

Rune Wunjo

Att  Heimdall

Symbolizes - Welcome.
Patience and test often manifested anger. The difficult financial situation but can easily be overcome.
Rune in any position suggests a difficult period, often predicts about disease or ill-health.

Rune Hagalaz

Symbolizes - the need.
Rune means endurance and patience, a manifestation of willpower.
Inverted rune - hard work, loss of meaning of life and illness.

Rune Nauthiz

Symbolizes - Ice.
There is a psychological blockage, and a person is not able to solve the problem by logical action and relies more on fate and intuition. A person cannot assess the situation and make the right decision. Rune opens up the soul of man to understand himself.
Inverted rune - this rune does not have a negative value, but speaks of selfishness and megalomania.

Rune Isa

Symbolizes - Good harvest.
The result obtained from the work done. Stable financial position and well-being.
Inverted rune - trouble, there is no self-development and material troubles.

Rune Jera

Symbolizes - Yew tree.
A strong person on a physical and spiritual level and is associated with the qualities of stability and reliability. Rune means the right decision and success in the future. The person is robust and words always coincide with actions, but lies and deception does not forgive.
Inverted rune - physical weakness and financial problems, dependence from others people.

Rune Eihwaz

Symbolizes - Cup of fate.
This rune will tell about women's secrets and fertility. It means positive events, good love or friendship.
Inverted Fleece - loneliness and depression, and sometimes the loss of meaning in life.

Rune Perthro

Symbolizes - protection.
A person is able to protect himself or his family, also means caring and custody.
Inverted rune - danger, financial instability and abuse of power or trust.

Rune Algiz

Symbolizes - the Sun.
Means happiness, good mood and health. A person is able to help other people without demanding anything in return. Rune the Sun does not have a negative value, but can prevent the problem without causing pain to a person.

Rune Sowilo

Att Tier

Symbolizes - God of heaven.
Empowers a person with leadership and power, success in business but sometimes a person is capable of self-sacrifice. Inverted rune - injustice, dispute and failure in business.

Rune Tiwaz

Symbolizes - Goddess of birch.
Rune means wisdom and spiritual development. Success in love and fertilization, a new birth.  In the family are harmony and the mutual relationship with a loved one and children.
Inverted rune - family problems, anxiety about close people and loss of self-control.

Rune Berkana

It symbolizes - Horse.
Active actions and means a vehicle, it may be a horse car or boat. Man can achieve good results and get promotion. Man is reliable and able to create a perfect marriage and of course reliable friend.
Inverted rune - distrust of others and betrayal. A person cannot be the initiator of the idea and create financial stability of the family.

Rune Ehwaz

It symbolizes - Humanity.
Rune means pride as a person, an individual person.
A person cooperates with people, always comes into contact and is able to solve any problem, respect and is proud of this person. 
Inverted rune - envy, argument and hostile relationship with other people.

Rune Mannaz

Symbolizes - Water.
Refers to the female rune of the senior Futark and means a great magical power.
Water in magic serves as a conductor of energy and with the help of this rune you can influence other people, control their thoughts.
If you can mentally draw a rune between the eyes of a person, you can get consent to any proposal, but you need to have the skills to control the thoughts of another person.

Rune Laguz

Symbolizes - God of the earth.
The rune of female fertility means love, human warmth and comfort in the house.

Rune Inguz

Symbolizes - Dawn.
The rune indicates the end of the era and the beginning of a new cycle. A person is able to start new ideas without regretting the past.

Rune Dagaz

Symbolizes - Hereditary property.
Rune means faithfulness and care for his family, and patriotism of the country. Personalized security, physical protection and spiritual values.

Rune Othila

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