Palmistry for beginners

It's no secret that everyone looked on his hand and asked the question - what do the lines on the Palm? It's no secret that everyone looked on his hand and asked the question - what is meant by the line on your palm?

Of course, we will reply value lines on the palm but, you again arise a new question that you want to get the answer, and the more you will learn palmistry, the more will arise different of new questions.

When you have a large amount of knowledge of palmistry, many questions will disappear on their own. From my experience I can say that the more you learn palmistry, the less you will arise questions such as:
- How many years will I live?
- How much will my marriage?
- How much I will have children?
- When will the rich?
- Will the happiness in my personal life?
- Be I richest man, and many other similar questions?

The above questions usually ask people who are considered to be newcomers to palmistry. An experienced palmist or palmist average level of will ask very different questions, such as: what is meant a fork on one of the main line or is a sign or a line on one of the hills.

Throughout his practice, people continue to ask me the same question, and I'm happy to answer them. On the question from a person, I can determine the level of knowledge and understanding of human about palmistry.

Palmistry - true or false?

Palmistry for beginners

Is not a secret that the novice palmists have a doubts about the veracity of the lines on the hand?

Many skeptics believe that the lines on the hand emerge through the bend and folds on the palms. Let's say it is so but if you ask the next series of questions to people who do not believe in palmistry, unfortunately, they cannot confidently answer.

I will ask some frequently asked questions and answer from the palmistry as a science, and if you do not believe in palmistry, I'm not going to persuade you.

Why people have identical lines, even among twins?

At an early age the twins may think the same way but when people become adults, meeting takes place with different people that affect us. Everyone is able to specify the impact on the other person. Even when on one person is able to of twins render different effects. So created by nature, that energy does not disappear. The energy is transferred from one person to another or transformed from one state to another.

As the lines appear on the hand?

Lines on the hands - is map of the human energy that is created by the physiological and physical actions of man. Palmistry has many similarities with the science of physiognomy. Physiognomy - are manifestations of emotion on the face, and palmistry - is a manifestation of action at hand. Let me remind you that the lie detector (polygraph) shows the emotional fluctuations, so the physiognomy and the lie detector can be considered same.

If a person has pain on the soul that is the loss of a partner - on the line of the heart can be seen fork. If love is not mutual, on the line heart you can see the island. If you have problems with money, on the line of the head you can see the island or intersection. And when there is a threat to human life, on the life line you can see the gap. I want to draw attention when problems in his personal life, such a person cannot find a life partner or achieve the treasured purpose, in all main lines there is a bad sign.

How lines appear on the hand?

Before the birth in the womb of mother the child already present on a hand line. The lines on the hand, it map of human life, that is, fate. Parents are the first source of the child's fate. Part of the Karma is transmitted from parents to child; it means that if the parents have committed a sin, children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren will be paying the price for the actions of their parents. Some people are paying throughout his lives; others are paying for several years.

Remember! Nature does not make mistakes, people make mistakes. Disabled child - it is a sin of parents. In palmistry left hand - this is what we are given to parents and the nature of, and the right hand - it is human behavior. The lines on the hand may disappear, and appears. Is present are so many factors from human behavior and close environment.

Can I learn amount of children?

Number of children cannot know, but you can find out whether there is a prohibition to have your children.

Can I learn the number of marriages?

The number of marriages is impossible to know, because marriage can be created from material gain, and palmistry - is spiritual energy. Using palmistry can see the number of attachment to the person at the spiritual level - that is love.

What are the benefits and why learn chiromancy.

If you want to help people in such a case without palmistry you will not be able to fulfill his cherished mission. Thanks to palmistry can help people to get out of difficult situations.

From my experience I can say that a person is very difficult overpersuade. In most cases, they all want to hear positive words, so, first of all need to learn palmistry for yourself.

For example. If you are on a living island, means there will be problems, you need to solve real actions. I can bring a lot of examples, but most importantly, you have to understand that every person should be able to control their own fate.

If you change the physical method of lines on the hand, in humans will change fate for the better?

Of course, what's not. The lines on the hand, is the character of and man's karma. If you have a hand appeared adverse signs or lines, think about their actions and real actions change your fate. Lines appear on the hand through the actions of a man and not vice versa, so, do not hurt myself, and do not yourself the scars on his hand.

A short line of life - it is a short life?

Unfortunately yes. But if you do not have the practice of palmistry, you cannot determine that the line of life is short. Very often, when life line beginning deep but after becomes less pronounced. Many people believe that it is a short line of life, though in fact, it has become a thin and less pronounced. I'd like to note. Thick and deep life line indicates vanity. A thin line of life indicates a generosity and openness. To find out more about the life line, please go to - palmistry life line.

With what start studying palmistry?

Many beginners palmists look at his hand and see the signs. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach to the study of palmistry as a combination of several lines can create a triangle, square or other shape. On page views PALMISTRY FOR BEGINNERS I show you how to look at the step by step lines on the hand.

1 Imagine that the lines on the hand is the channel of the river on which the water flows.

With what start studying palmistry?

Take for example the line of life. Every human life line has a beginning and an end. If the life line is deep and strongly expressed, such a person lives an active life. Thick and deep line of life, unfortunately, indicates the self-esteem and sometimes greed.

2 If the line of life becomes a thin line, it indicates a decrease in activity. In most cases, the second half of life people are pay more attention to families and children

3 if the life line terminates abruptly, it indicates sudden death.

4 if the line is connected to a small life line (blue), which indicates the impact of the new positive energy. If from life line depart small lines (red) which indicates a loss of vitality, including a variety of troubles and scandals.

Please note!
The lines which are directed from top оn down - a positive energy (blue).
The lines which are directed from below into the top - it is negative energy (red).

Palmistry positive and negative energy

5 also need to be analyzed with the line of the head, the heart and the line with the line of destiny.

Palmistry four main lines

6 also have additional lines that originate near the respective hill. Every hill indicates the influence on the hills.

7 on the lines the wrist can determine whether there is ban a man have children. Begin of order learn all the lines on the palm.

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