Palmistry - Marks on the hand

Chain palmistry mean how difficult period or experience. If your hand chain, and then straight line, do not worry.

chain on hand

Cross can mean both good and bad events, it all depends on where it is located. If the cross is located on one of the four main lines (life, fortune, heart and head), this arrangement means difficulties or problems. Also, the cross may be placed alone on one of the hills.

cross at hand

One point or several points in palmistry is considered a bad sign. Point on the line is a big problem and the more point on the palm, the harder it is to man. They also mean the crisis, depression or loss of a loved one. If the problem persists, the point on the hand disappears. If you notice in his hand point, try to solve the problem in several ways. Looking for a way out of the situation, until the point in the palm completely disappear.

point on the hand

Grilles on palm on palmistry serves as a warning sign. Grill dissipates the energy and the person trying to do everything and help everyone, and the benefits of aid is very small. Such people are taken from a few things, but do not bring it to its logical conclusion. Grill on the hill of Venus, is the problem of love. Such a person quickly falls in love and just as disappointed, and then look for a new partner.

Grille on the Hand

Island in the palm indicates a loss of energy. In palmistry island is considered a bad sign, it points to the depressive and stressful periods, which can be caused by illness, problems at work and in their personal lives. The island can be compared with the uncertainty, a person does not know how to live. The size of the island, you can determine the problem. Take a good look at the island after its termination, if the line is interrupted, then the problem will be solved with large losses.

Island on the Hand

Square means protection, it is a positive sign, many believe that the owner of such arms protects Guardian Angel. Sometimes, square can, oznachat protection and at the same time imprisonment. On the one hand he is trying to develop their skills in a particular area, but the square - a sign of protection does not give him a chance and win.

Square on the Hand

Star in palmistry has two values​​: positive and negative. Star on the hill indicates that the person has a well-developed skills in a particular case. If the star is located on the line of life, or on the line of fate, it is a big problem. Star on the Heart line indicates the stress and disease. If the star is on the line of the head, we can say that an emotional person. He is due to your mind can achieve good results, or through our emotions and ambitions, he may lose everything.

Star on the Hand

Many small lines speak of confusion and chaos. Such lines are often found at the end of the line of life, it is to push as many small problems, poverty, depression, and razocherovanie.

Marks on the Hand

The triangle in the palm indicates success. These people effectively analyze the situation and make a hasty decision. Anyone who has a triangle on the palm, is able to listen and make the right conclusions.

Triangle on the Hand

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