Head line palmistry

In palmistry line head is considered one of the four major lines on the palm. In palmistry the head line is also known as the line of the mind. Along this line, the person is a lot to learn.

Many people believe that if the head line is long, then the person is smart and will achieve good results, and become rich. Actually it's not so. Long line shows a good memory, and about the person who withdraws into himself.

The short line is interpreted as a person with not a very good memory, but with well-developed logical thinking.

Absence of a line of mind can be seen in people who are sick with Down syndrome.

During analysis, the hands need to look not only for the length of the line as well as its direction.

Now look at all the options for the location of the headlines and signs.

The straight line in palmistry head means that such a person is able to make decisions quickly. He's not a good memory, but it savvy and cunning.

In business with him a pleasure to deal with, but if there is a difficult situation and he can not solve the problem, it can deceive you or cowardly act.

line head

When the line is folded down, the owner of a palm has a good imagination and logical thinking. In life, he hopes more on the mind than on intuition.

line head

Fork at the end - is interpreted as a good imagination and creativity.

line head

If at the beginning of the head line does not touch the line of life, such a person is confident in their abilities. Convince such a person is very difficult due to the fact that in life he had never attended parental influence. He is independent from their parents and works on their work.

Over the years, these people are selfish and do not appreciate the friendship.

line head

If at the beginning of the life line and head line connected to each other, and then bifurcate, such a person will depend on their parents for a long time. This arrangement of lines means that such a person will live with his parents in the family home and create a family.

Parents can help financially and morally to point to its own rules. In this case, the owners of a palm later create their own family.

line head

Wristcutters have such a line as shown. Reason wins over life.

line head

Considered to be a bad sign if the line of reason rises to the top of the line and the heart comes through her. It is known that the heart line is responsible for the spiritual qualities. In this case, the mind destroys the spiritual qualities of the person. He ceases to believe in God and love for money will play a major role.

Such persons are selfish, heartless thieves and murderers.

line head

In palmistry exist positive and negative signs. Negative signs are not a sentence, but a warning. Consider the basic signs that are located on the line of reason.

1 chain - a lot of small problems that are related reason.
2 island - problems, possible depression and feelings. The larger the island, the more experience.
3 point - a bad sign. Problems with the head, be very careful.
4 cross - head injury, loss of consciousness and other similar problems with his head.
5 square - a good sign. Feel free to take risks, you will be provided protection.
6 triangle - as a positive sign of Guardian. Good time for new ideas.
7 star - a warning sign of problems.

line head

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