Children line in palmistry

To see the lines on the palm of the children, sometimes, you need to look through a magnifying glass. Lines of children are very small, and in some people they are completely absent.

If the baby was not planned for the person as a burden when there is no parental love and affection, such people have a line of children are completely absent in his life, he may have a lot of children. And if the child for the parents joy, such people can see a line of children on the line of life and on the hill of Mercury.

The long-awaited first-born can be seen on the line of life. This little dashes, which are connected with a line of life. In palmistry have a rule, if a small line that goes from top to bottom, and are connected with the main line - a line of joy (positive events). It is known that for parents, especially for women, the birth of a child is a great joy.

When the line departs down a little from the main line - a line of sadness (negative events).

Line joy also present on the lines of the heart. In palmistry heart line is the same, that the line of the soul. This means that a small line speaks of spiritual joy.

line of children

1 Joy is not connected with the family.
2 Joy in the family.
3 Challenges for the family.
4 Problems in family.
5 Pain and depression.
6 Joy related physical things.
7 Spiritual joy

Many books on palmistry says that on the hill of Mercury can be seen the number of children. In fact this is not true.

Even the most experienced palmist can not tell you the number of children. Line on the hand is the power card on which a person moves and only he has the ability to create and change your life.

A person may have many children, and only the top line on the wrist, you can find out whether he is allowed nature to have children.

If the top line on the wrist is tilted toward the palm, it indicates infertility or difficult childbirth.

line of children

So nature is created, the first child of the family from the rest stronger. Firstborn, put the main role - to continue to grow, continue their family and keep the family's honor. Therefore, in most cases, the first children in the family leave of the house, and the youngest looked after the house and their parents - is the purpose of the youngest child in the family.

If the first-born is unable to cope with their obligations, the torch goes through the youngest child of the family.

Vertical small line, which is connected with the line of love (affection) is who will be the first. If the line is long - it's a boy. When a short line - it's a girl.

line of children

This arrangement of the lines indicates the twins.

line of children

Those who have children out of wedlock, or on the side, on the hand denotes a semi-circle with a line.

line of children

Now we answer the question - if there is no line of children on hand. No need become disappointed if there is no line of children on the hand maybe you have a line very small and without a magnifying glass you cannot see them. I want to note that Palmistry is a science of the spiritual condition of the person, and if you do not see the children's lines, then your subconscious mind is not ready to give birth and raise children. According to the Palmistry, human thoughts are transmitted on hand in the form of lines, so when you're ready to have a child on a spiritual level, or after you have given birth, you before birth certainly appear a line of children on hand. Only those who strongly want to have children has a clear line on the hand.

I want to draw attention
Many couples think - first get married, then earn money and only in the last instance give birth to children. Such couples are becoming without children, the reason is the karmic ban, and that is, on a subconscious level they are your own forbidden to have children.

Therefore, child necessary give birth to first of all.

Palmistry no children line

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