Numerology for Beginners

Human life, like all life on the planet Earth has its beginning and the end and then goes into cyclical. Similarly Numerology in science, where there is 9 digits from one to nine. The number zero is always removed.

By the numbers, you can calculate the cyclical, such as day, week, month or season. This mysterious code of numbers, and we can learn about the cyclical in nature and the universe.

Exactly the same after the birth of a man, each person is assigned code numbers by which you can know the past, present and future. To find out the periods of human activity, there is a science and Numerology called, and while there will be a mankind on Earth, we will be trying to solve meaning.

Why should I study Numerology?
Before I answer this question, I want to note that Numerology is does not belong to the divination. Numerology - the science of cyclicality. Let me give you a very simple example, which is proved by scientists. It has been proved that the maximum activity of the sun occur every 11 years, it means that the Earth every 11 years is influenced magnetic and people increases the vital activity.

Scientists have shown that the international interbank exchange activity increases. Active people increases, it means that the money is invested and the turnover their number is more and you become rich. This is one example of why it is necessary study numerology. If you know the personal code of the person, you can find out how many years a person will live, vitality, and at what age will come success.

Magic meaning of numbers in numerology
The famous mathematician Pythagoras, believed that if added up all the numbers, you can get a single number that indicates the character of the person. To be happy, you need to know your physiological character, what qualities endowed human nature.

Science cannot study Numerology for one day. Numerology can be equated to medicine or Palmistry, where the more you study, the more you realize that it's true.

Numerology birth date calculator

Where to begin?
With the help of numerology it is possible to know the vital activity of man. On the chart we can determine at what age will the success or trouble.

Let's begin with the easy, that is from the date of birth and know your physiological character.

For example.

Person was born 25.03 / 1992 (day, month, year).
The numbers of date of birth need to add and we get one number.

numerology number

Now 3+1=4 - vital number
Zero is not considered and is always discarded.

free numerology number

For example. The man who was born a year earlier, the number of life happened 3

Numerology meaning of numbers

Numerology number 1

The man with the number 1 accustomed to being in the spotlight. In most cases these are public people who always tend to the cherished dream and realize themselves fully. Very often show emotions, particularly in the case when to reach the desired result.

Often manifested selfishness and through difficult character to become a bad relationship with a partner, family and friends. Such people do not care about other people's problems, and often show a cold-blooded and do not always willing to compromise.

These representatives are full of ideas and plans. They often become famous through a scandal or conflict, despite frequent displays of emotion and selfishness, such a person remains in the spotlight, continues to occupy the leading position, and friends or fellow worker continue to trust and listen to your advice.

Numerology number 2

If your number is 2, then you are sociable person with an optimistic and always try to solve the problem peacefully. This person refers to a category of peacekeepers but, like all people also have disadvantages. They are very jealous and proud, sometimes, by their silence and not very good behavior angry partner.

Solutions are not immediately and do not make hasty decisions. Such people are not at risk, and prefer to live in a stable salary, so this category of people in the business is virtually nonexistent. In difficult situations, rarely taking the initiative and rely more on a panther than on their own.

Numerology number 3

It is very interesting person with many qualities. Such people must first of all express oneself, they are accustomed be free thoughts and action. This person accustomed occupies leadership position and is committed to their goals. If problems arise in the life of this category of people will find a way to solve, and after reaching the goal, proud success.

Such a person is easy to contact with other people and prefer big to explain and teach than to listen to other people's stories. They throughout his life exploring the new and unknown, and monophonic work do less active, so they often travel and share experiences with other people.

A man under influence the number 3 - has a good sense of humor and a good logical thinking, and this category of people, accustomed to live by human laws and according to the laws of nature. To offenders and liars are being treated with contempt. To honest people show sympathy and support mutual friendly relations.

Numerology number 4

The people who were born under the number 4 - very diligent, persistent and become accustomed live honestly. They do not tolerate liars and take offense at enemies, so with such people always have to be honest and in a conversation to follow his speech.

This category of people can be attributed to the pedant, all at them in life happens consistently. Good logical thinking and high level of responsibility in the work, therefore, such a person is pleasant to work.

Reliable people, which is more aimed at material goods than spiritual qualities.

Unfortunately, 4 male or female do not always understand a joke in your address, so often take offense at other people. In private life often arise misunderstandings with your loved one.

In this category of people should all have their place, and if they can not find the necessary things starts to become angry, and create unpleasant the energy in the home.

This is tranquil category of people who do not like noisy parties.

Numerology number 5

Number 5 on the effects of man, there are positive and negative qualities. This is a very exciting and energetic person and to get to know this person, it will take years, need a lot of years, because they look like the Twins. Have a duplicitous character.

The positive qualities of the person will seem negative quality, but the negative side of man, the other category of people will seem a positive quality.

For example, this is very generous person, feed the hungry people, and she will be hungry. On the one hand it is a very positive step but close relatives do not always approve such actions. In life it is very active people, always interested in other people's problems and are ready to material and psychological support.

People under the influence of the number 5 can be compared with a ticking time bomb. They have long been able to live and work without showing their hidden talents but there comes a time when they are fully open talents and realize as an individual, then on again live a calm lifestyle.

If you need advice, moral support or just to have fun - contact your to the person who has the number 5 on the date of birth.

Numerology number 6

A very responsible person who is ready to help others, This is a strict and honest leader. Throughout his life, this person works hard and strives to achieve the desired results. It careerists, so, to achieve good results they need a life partner who was able to support in difficult times, so, a long time, they can be lonely persons.

This is a man who has life code with the number 6 - the ideal family man who takes care of about the welfare of families. Love partner must to compromise, otherwise the family will begin a quarrel and misunderstanding. Very high demands on the partner, so, a person under the influence of the number 6 on the first date may not seem interesting and boring person.

Numerology number 7

In this category of people is very mysterious character, often conflict occurs between your loved one and family, but with friends is always a good relationship.

Such a person is interested in new technologies, good inventor and strives for new knowledge.

If we look in general, such people are experts on all issues, so often discuss with others people. Interest in the new and the unknown space - this is their main incentive life. Children and family for this category of people always come first.

In the Society of Friends, this category of people is very open, can keep the conversation with each person, it is a very cheerful person and with them is always fun but in family life is often arise misunderstandings with children and with your loved one. A person under the influence of the number 7 you like when they listen and obey.

This is a very emotional person, often showing emotions, which are becoming the main cause of conflict. Offense is quickly forgotten, especially to members of your family. Such people are able to forgive the abuser but, if there was a financial fraud more in future will never be have to deal with is not an honest man.

Numerology number 8

This is talented businessman that seek stability and are always thinking about their future. For this category of people financial stability will win back an important role. In such a person is always in a good mood if success in financial affairs, and if any financial difficulties, the smile on your face you can not see.

In this type of people are present organizational abilities and talent to business. They often run the risk and in many cases remain in the win. In the family relations are formed in different ways. If life goals coincide with a partner, then the marriage will be successful, if the partner is not correctly disposes with the money, in this case will arise misunderstandings and eventually case goes to divorce.

The owner of 8 the numbers is very concerned about the career and are often not attentive to the family. From the nature of a just man, but is not always able to restrain emotions.

Such people can be attributed to the materialist's category and unfortunately the money for them will win back a very important role. They have a fear, that in the future may become poor and nobody needs, so they are a long time dedicate work than family. The second beloved half is willing to buy expensive things, thus forgetting about the spiritual caress. In most cases, their marriage keeps on the money.

Numerology number 9

Number 9 - person is able to achieve high results and if on the way arise difficulties this person will not stop on the halfway.

Number 9 - person is able to achieve high results and if on the way arise difficulties this person will not stop halfway. It is very persistent people who are not accustomed to asking for help. They can lose a lot of strength, but never fall on knees, it's free people, body and soul.

At an early age may have different problems, but, over the years, such people become strong and persistent persons who are able to achieve very good results. Among the friends and society - is respected people.

This is the highest level of evolution so, these people are able to control their emotions, and in business, it is the main weapon. Also, there is the ability to clairvoyance, and it is recommended to develop this mystical vision.

Many people believe that people with a life-number 9 higher forces point to the correct path. Perhaps it is not true but this category of people is very special and it is a fact. Thinking and actions are very different from other people.

On numerology they are ideal for a family. Ready to go to different trade-offs, because this person is able to feel the energetic mood beloved half.

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