Travel line in palmistry

Line travel on the hand is over the hill above the wrist moon. To see the line of travel, you need to deploy hand edge. For some people, it runs through the whole hand, in some it is very small, so it can be completely absent.

If there is no line travels on the palm, it does not mean that people will not travel. No, he will go on holiday to different cities or countries, but his trip does not have to do with work or family. These people value their family and not exchange it for long-term performance.

Remember this rule, the number of lines of travel does not depend on the number of long trips.

When the line of travel is long and crosses the line of life, palmistry means that travel is closely tied to his life. Such a person is often on the road and make money from tourism.

line travel

One if a few short lines, talk about travel with families. Such people are restless and constantly trying to change their lives.

line travel

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