Hills palmistry on the hand

Palmistry and astrology are two sciences that have a connection with each other. In Greek and Roman history can be seen in the name of the name of the Gods of the planets, which are located near our Earth. If you do not have these planets, our earth could not long survive. Various meteorites would destroy our entire infrastructure. Ancient people believed the planets of our defenders that affect us.

Hills in palmistry were called, that a person can imagine the impact of energy on the physical level, because not everyone can imagine yourself the influence of the planets on the person. Before studying palmistry and the value of the hills, one must understand how the planets affect our Earth.

It is the spiritual energy that has a certain power. For example, the hill of Mercury is not endowed with such power as Jupiter or Saturn. For example, Venus has a strong but not long influence.

Finger length may be determined by a person's energy. The energy of Saturn and Jupiter give a person a lot of physical strength to man was able to achieve good results. Mercury and Venus gives people greater spiritual powers. When a person has committed a wrongful act, this energy begins to act on the person in the opposite direction. It starts a force of destruction.

Knowingly speak that other people need it refers both to itself. If you cause pain, the strength of the Hill would be against the man. Energy is the ability to go back to the person and this can happen in a few days or months. Sometimes the energy from the Hill returns to the man a few years later with a more powerful force.

The value of the hills on palmistry

Now we know that palmistry hills are named after the gods that have different effects on people. The middle of the palm it is vital card. Each of the energy affects the destiny of man. If a person begins to use this force he can get more knowledge and more evolve. You can ignore these forces; it all depends on the person.

Now consider the name of the hills in palmistry and how these energies to affect humans.

The value of the hills on palmistry

Jupiter - controls, arranged well human and spiritual qualities. A well-developed hill Jupiter means that a person is able to exercise compassion, good mind and the ability to manage other people.

Saturn - palmistry Hill is responsible for the career of tradition and financial position. The high hill of Saturn means that a person is able to manage their emotions and do not always show compassion.

Apollo (the Sun line) - controls the arrogance of man. If a high hill, a man generous and kind, ready to help others for free. If there is a line, you need to watch where it is directed.

Mercury - is responsible for the flexibility of the individual in society. Large hill Mercury means a sociable person, trust others and trust he enjoys. Little Hill of Mercury indicates a seclusion and the people treated with caution. If there is a line on a hill or a sign can be said about the qualities of the person.

Venus - governs the beauty and love, it is the nature of man and his emotions. On the hill of Venus possible to learn as a man controls his sexual energy, the problems in his personal life, feelings to the man, the love of a partner, the number of marriages, success in marriage.

1 Mars Hill - is the courage and human responsibility. On this hill you can talk about responsibility and how it relates to other people. The lines extending from the hill, talking about the impact on other human persons.
2 Mars Hill - is the quality of the person. On the hill possible to learn the courage, bravery and courage of man. Convex Hill points to aggression, this additional energy warrior. You always have to watch the direction and where the end of the line.

Moon - symbolized by human imagination. Moon has two sides, with one side always light, and the second is dark, Likewise a man who has a big hill of the moon. Man's actions do not always match his words.

Neptune - is the independent thinking that connects the physical body and energy with the other world. Hill Neptune distributes energy, so he departs from the line of fate and the first line on the wrist, on which one can say of the children of man.

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