Palmistry - girdle of Venus

In Palmistry there are two types of girdle of Venus.
1 upper girdle of Venus above the line of the heart.
2 The lower girdle of Venus, which extends from the hill of Venus and ends on the hill of the moon.

If on hand there is Girdle of Venus, such a person all event misses a through the soul. The Girdle of Venus is having a positive and a negative impact on human. The positive qualities include: high spirituality, tenderness, sensitivity, sympathy is always sincere in most cases is an open mind people.

Negative qualities: a man is not always able to control their emotions during the dispute, such a person can be the initiator of the scandal.

Do not worry if on the palm is not the girdle of Venus. People who do not have the belt of Venus, can quickly find a way out of a difficult situation, less lend themselves to emotions and this means that in a difficult situation people will be able to solve the problem.

For example
If there was a nuisance, for example stolen things or money, in such a case, a person who is present girdle of Venus will be a long time to think about the issue. You guessed it that person very emotional and not always resolute. A person who has not the Belt of Venus, more quickly able to forget about troubles and always finds a way out of a difficult situation.

Before we begin to explore the girdle of Venus on palmistry, I want to note that the girdle of Venus is the spiritual side of man.

Please note such a disposition lines
For example, if the heart line straight or bent to the line of the head, a man rarely shows emotion and always rely on your own mind, is the category of the materialists. On this hand it is very rare to see the girdle of Venus.

If heart line directed to the hill of Jupiter or Saturn, is the spiritual person, and relies more on intuition. In this category of people can see on the hand of the girdle of Venus. Many hiromantys line or the girdle of Venus referred to the second line of the heart.

Options girdle of Venus in Palmistry

If a line connects the hill Jupiter and Mercury, a man endowed high spirituality, sincerity and capable of compassion other people. Since Jupiter is the energy of power and leadership, and Mercury is communication and attachment for other people. It is very impulsive people and often advises their friends or relatives, but when them someone advises or intervenes in the personal lives of their kindness quickly turns into aggression. According to palmistry such person good advisers and faithful friends, but unfortunately not always able to control his emotions.

Girdle of Venus

If the Girdle of Venus near the hill of Saturn begins and ends on the hill of Mercury on palmistry such a person is able to forgive and endure insult. These people are all ready to help find good word at the right time and soothe. Very often preach to others and point out mistakes but criticism very violently perceive. Learn from others' mistakes, to personal life is less misunderstandings arose with your partner.

Line Venus

The Girdle of Venus, which is located between the hills of Jupiter and Saturn and ends between the hill of Mercury and the Sun (Apollo) - on palmistry means that a person has high emotional feelings that are associated with intellectual abilities. Such people are very energetic and their mood affects the relationship to other people and vitality. This means that if a good mood, he is full of energy fun, and if a bad mood, this person can hurt another person without reason.

line or girdle of Venus

If the line is straight and is parallel to heart line, it indicates a high emotion and people are often subjected to depression. His serviceability and attitude toward your loved one depends on the mood. It can be hot-tempered, selfish demonstrate, especially if the question concerns his interests but, after a while, sometimes the next day, such a person becomes sensitive, generous and sympathy to others.

With such people are not easy to find common interests, and behavior or words is not always everyone likes. Often the discussion turns into resentment. These people, often two-faced persons, many chiromantists say that person has a second artificial soul.

Straight line on the girdle of Venus

The lower belt of Venus, which is located in the bottom of the palm is very rare to see a man on the hand. It originates from the hill of Venus and ends at the hill of the moon. Such people are able to speak beautiful words to your loved one, friends or relatives. Able demonstrate compassion and give advice.

At first glance, such a person will appear to be open and sincere but, in fact, they are only for the sake of benefits.

They are helping before the moment when they are materially profitable. If they do not see a good offer, do not wait for help from them. Unfortunately, the financial situation becomes higher spiritual senses.

the lower girdle of Venus

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