Palmistry - hill Neptune

The Palmistry hill Neptune located on the wrist. It is the energy that binds the energy body with the physical.

If you look at his hand, you can see that the hill of Neptune is not much pronounced and many lines are next to it, or start from Neptune. On Palmistry this hill distributes energy, it is able to absorb energy and redirect to another channel.

In astrology, this hill has always been a mystery, and our ancestors called magical planet Neptune. Neptune has always been mysterious, so at astrology he it reflects the human imagination and penchant for mysticism.

In Palmistry considered that, all over the hill Neptune, is physical actions of man, that is the past and future, and all that is located under the hill of Neptune (the line on the wrist) - it is human energy.

For example. On lines on the wrist you can see the karmic human health, it is the ability to have children of their own. This question is interested in almost each person. On the page line on the wrist, you can find out whether there is you have to have a ban on their own children.

If you look at his palm, you can see that the hill near Neptune is the line of life. In many people the fate line originates from the hill of Neptune. In Palmistry hill Neptune distributes energy connects people with the other world.

Mount of Neptune Palmistry

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