Palmistry - hill Mars

According to palmistry on his hand of man, there are two Mars Hill.

First Mars hill located between the hill of Jupiter and Venus.

Second Mars Hill is located between the Moon and Mercury. Despite the fact that the name is the same, each Mars Hill in different ways affects the person.

If you analyze your hand human hills of Mars should be viewed as a single whole, even though they are two different energy. In most cases, on the person affects only one hill of Mars but there are cases where on the person impact the two energies of Mars. Such people are very aggressive and arrogant, accustomed to seek their cherished goal of many ways.

1 and 2 Mars hill

First (top) mount Mars of palmistry

Well-developed Mars hill points to the courage and feats. Despite the courageous character, a man who is well-developed first Mars hill has a penchant for ridicule and abuse other people. Such a person gets pleasure from belittling.

If on the first hill of Mars departs line in palmistry is considered a bad sign. The energy of the first Mars is capable of destroying a person inside. If the first plane of Mars hill but the line is absent it indicates that the person is not getting the pleasure of bullying and belittling from other people.

If the first line of Mars Hill directed to another hill, this means that the energy of Mars impact on other forces.

hill Mars

If the line of Mars in contact with the line of life and there is a gap, it means that the person influence other people, and several years of his life will be senselessly lived. In this case, such a person can be a drug addict or an alcoholic.

line of Mars in contact with the line of life

If the line starts from the hill of Mercury and ends on the hill of the moon, such a person has a good imagination and a good inventor.

Mars in contact with the line of life

Impact of Mars on the line head means that such a person is aggressive and takes the character is not very fair solution. In palmistry such a person achieves the desired results in various ways. Sometimes this person can break the law and moral values.

The line from Mercury to Mars hill

If the line of Mars connected with the line of the heart, such a person can show feeling of aggression towards your loved one. In Palmistry such person is very aggressive and accustomed to command in the family.

Bifurcation on the hill of Mercury

Second (lower) mount Mars of palmistry

In palmistry 2 Mars Hill has a positive impact on people. If a person is influenced by 2 Mars Hill, he is endowed with such qualities as courage, bravery taking the initiative and implementation of the previously conceived plans.

Such a person in many ways to finish the job, but there is one negative quality this sometimes a manifestation of aggression and emotions. 2 Mars Hill in palmistry is not associated with the war as many people believe, this justice and fairness, therefore, if a person is present the second line of Mars, this indicates on achieving the goal of equitable way.

Very often, such a person is entering in dispute or in conflict situations often shows emotions, but before fight not comes.

If the line of the second Mars hill is connected to the line of life, such a person is persistent and energetic. The junction of the two lines indicates the period of increased activity. Calculate years of high activity, you can life line on the page.

Mars hill is connected to the line of life

If the line of Mars connected to the line of fate such a person very hardworking. In palmistry this means that such a person strive to achieve excellent results in professional work and only through their own efforts of such a person achieves the desired result. These people are trying to come up with something new and never repeat own mistakes. Such a person is able to solve any problem and tries to solve the problem entirely honest actions.

line of Mars connected to the line of fate

When the line goes from Mars hill to the line of the heart, in palmistry, this means high activity on a spiritual level. Such a person is able to influence others of people, persuade and teach. It may be priests or teachers but sometimes these people their spiritual qualities redirect on material needs. Such a person must always remember that the owner of such hand there is high spirituality and if overused by these values a gift from a higher power can kill the owner of a hand.

line goes from Mars hill to the line of the heart

The hills on the hand point to the quality of human energy, which is endowed with people.

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