Dream from Thursday to Friday

Dream from Thursday to Friday people see prophetic dreams of love more often than on other days of the week.
In astrology, Friday is influenced by Venus, so you can see dreams of love more often than other days of the week.
The dream that you saw that can relate to different aspects in your life, you can see yourself as the main character, a love relationship with another person, material prosperity and a dream about your work.

A dream on Friday will tell you about your mysterious desires that you are not always ready to do in real life, for example, it can be love stories, buying expensive things about which you have long dreamed or rest.
Dream on Friday is an event about which you dream and you cannot do in real life, but after a while in real life you can achieve your goals.

If in a dream you bought an expensive thing or received a large amount of money, your dream will be prophetic but all events will happen in a different scenario.

Dream in which you buy or find expensive things means joy and success, you can get a gift or financial reward, sometimes such a dream means promotion and respect of colleagues.

But, if in a dream you are looking for something and cannot find or bought a thing and you did not like it - such a dream warns of dangers, sometimes means financial troubles.

If the dream was clear with joyful events - in the future you will be eventful, but if the dream was sad in black and white, prepare for a boring life, the mood will be bad and depressing.

Dream from Thursday to Friday

The dream on Friday very often becomes prophetic so consider a few examples.

Dream of Love
After meeting with a person you can feel passionate feelings of love but how do you know whether you have mutual feelings? Thanks to dreams, you can learn about the spiritual side of another person.
Sometimes you can feel the energy of another person. If you saw in a dream mutual feelings, how you hug and kiss your loved one - be sure that this person feels the same feelings of love for you.

But if in the dream is no understanding between people - in real life you cannot establish a strong relationship with this person because the dream from Thursday to Friday warns and often becomes prophetic.

The energy has the ability to spread to people who you love also has the ability to recognize your feelings through a dream. Between people there is contact at a subconscious level.

Dream of the wedding
A dream about a wedding is a good dream and it means a posturing event but if  you saw a dream where someone getting married with your loved one - this is a bad sign, this dream mean separation or dispute, too, the dream suggests that you have a love rival.

Dream on Friday about work
Dream of promotion means that colleagues you respect and higher wages. It is time to implement new ideas to be successful.
The dispute at work means job loss or reduction in the service. After such a dream does not need to conflict with management and colleagues, do not make hasty conclusions and learn through the dispute.

Sometimes it is better to understand the situation than interfere in the conflict.

Death of people
Dream about dead people and the deceased have always been considered a warning. If you saw a dead person, it means a warning, maybe you or your close relative will get sick or another problem.

Seeing a dream on Friday the death of a loved one is talking about death, murder or about big troubles. Try not to risk your life for several months and do not invest in risky business projects. The death of a loved one warns you of danger and a difficult period.

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