Dream from Friday to Saturday

Dream on Saturday refers directly to you and to your relatives, it will tell you about your fate, since a dream on Saturday often becomes prophetic.

In astrology this day is governed by Saturn and this planet is connected with the law of karma and the principles of man. This planet is responsible for the formation of personal opinions, so in a dream you can see the past and the future.

Dream on Saturday is your future and if you saw not the bright events and did not try to change your destiny - your dream will be prophesied. A dream is a prompt for you to avoid problems in the future.

So if dream was good - it means you will be all right but if dream was bad - it means that higher forces warn you about problems in the future and to avoid the difficulties you need to analyze the behavior of the past.

If you want that in real life it was like a dream - just do nothing

Dream of Love
Dream from Friday to Saturday, speaks about the fate that you yourself created. If you are hugging and kissing a loved one in a dream and want to have a mutual relationship, then you are doing the right thing. If your dream coincides with plans for the future, in the future you will be a happy person.

But if you kiss a person in a dream but in real life you do not want to create a love relationship with this person - it is considered bad dream. You are very confused in thought, this means depression and loneliness.

And if you had a dream from Friday to Saturday and you saw the betrayal, the dream warns of the quarrel and sometimes of parting with a loved one. If nothing is done, the script from the dream can be repeated.

About work when dream on Saturday
A dream about working with positive events means financial success and promotion.
But, the dream in which you see trouble at work may be predictable, but the events will take place in a different scenario. Such a dream means problems and financial crisis.

Death of people in a dream and their own death - a dream on Saturday
If you saw how a person dies, in real life this person needs to be careful, such a dream means troubles and sometimes a warning.  Very often a dream means that only you can help this person, so the energy of this person connected with your energy in a dream.

See its death - always means of a difficult period, it can be difficult to work or family. Also, this dream means the disease but do not worry everything will be fine, it warns about the problems, but not your death. If a person sees its death the dream never becomes prophetic.

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