Dream from Wednesday to Thursday

Dream comes true on Thursday morning or not?

Yes, a dream come true on Thursday but, in real life events will not occur as a dream. Dreams on Thursday talk about spiritual connectivity between two or more people. Dream on Thursday pointing to drastic changes. Dream on Thursday directly related to your personality. In the dream, you can see a love story, also about family, about your friends and work.

If in a dream you saw yourself as the main character - in real life there will be changes in your life. Events will not happen as in a dream, but a bit like a dream.
Dream from Wednesday to Thursday can be positive of a happy event and vice versa, dream with the sad events and sometimes death of a loved one.

If sleep is cheerful, you do not have to worry about the future, everything will be fine and life will be fun, but if the dream was sad, you need to think about the future and change your destiny, as sleep warns you about dangers.

Sometimes the dream is not clear and you cannot remember the plot in the morning. Such a dream means that for one year in your life there will not be any dramatic changes, life will be calm and of the same type.

What does a dream of love mean?
If you are a lonely person and you have a stable job, money for you are not the main goal in life and you dream about happy love, and you saw a person that you like. That can mean a dream?

All stories that you saw during sleep not come true, but some events will be true. If you kissed a loved one - in real life after some time you become loving partners.

Energy is transmitted between people and in a dream you can see this energy. This means that your energy is connected to the energy of another person and in a dream you can see the thoughts of another person. A wedding in a dream does not mean that in real life you get married such a dream means the connection of two people on a material and spiritual level.
Dream from Wednesday to Thursday does not always come true but tells the person about the intentions of other people.

What does a dream about work mean?
Dream about work means that you discuss colleagues, they can say positive and negative feedback, all depends on the dream that you saw. Sometimes a dream about work means promotion or vice versa financial crisis.

Dream about rest?
A dream about rest means that you dream about rest, because dreams come true on Thursday. In the near future your dream will turn out to be a reality and you will be able to rest. But, if you saw problems during the rest, such a dream warns of minor troubles, you may be late for an airplane or a train and sometimes loss of a suitcase or other things.

What does a dream about the dead?
If a dead person is talking to you, it means problems. Dead people try to tell you that in the future you or your close people can get sick or you will be deceived by another person who will show up by your friend or colleague. If you've seen a dead person this is troubles.

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