Dream from Monday to Tuesday

Dream on Tuesday is not a prophetic dream, but warns of trouble and in real life, events do not happen as in a dream.

In astrology, Tuesday is influenced by Mars and means confrontation with other wrongful forces. Also, Mars is a symbol of war, but war is meant as a struggle for justice.

In most cases, the dream for Tuesday is very interesting, distinct with extraordinary events. Try to remember what you were doing in a dream, because in the future you may have similar events, but with other characters in another place.

If the dream was disturbing - in real life you have to overcome troubles that you saw in a dream. And if dream was good with fun activities, this means success and after a few years you will achieve the goal and the dream would be predicted. After a good sleep from Monday to Tuesday you can begin to implement new ideas, because it is a good sign.

But unfortunately, dream on Tuesday has the ability to come true after several years, so you can help or change his destiny if dream was bad.  In most cases, dream on Tuesday may be prophetic through 5 years or more, so you can analyze your actions from the past and make a conclusion.

If the dream was positive with fun events, this means that in the future you will be a successful person.

But if you saw a person's death or talking with the dead - Analyze your past life, maybe this dream warns of the danger and if you by their actions will not change its destiny, the consequences will be no fun.

Dream comes true on Tuesday after a few years, so you have plenty of time to change the fate.

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