The history of tarot cards

The exact date of origin of Tarot cards, none of the historians cannot say. The first story about the origins of tarot cards began in the late fourteenth century.

The exact place of origin of the magical Tarot cards, no one can say but, historians and experts believe that they been thought up in Egypt, and the Roma was brought cards in Europe.

Many people say that the word comes from the Latin word and means riddle or mystery. Tarot cards with each passing day are becoming popular, and thanks to the Internet, everyone is able to learn on their own unique art of divination cards. In today's world there are many esoteric sciences, which are not yet fully explored, such as Palmistry and Numerology but, to these sciences researchers less skeptical than in Tarot.

Learning Tarot

Tarot cards consist of the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards). Guessing can be the Major Arcana or Major and Minor Arcana Taro together.

If you are a beginner the Tarot cards, I do not recommend you to do divination all the cards. To learn tell fortunes by Tarot cards, you need to learn the meaning of each card; you will agree that the value of 72 cards behind one or two days you do not learn.

Therefore, his first fortune-telling tarot cards make the Major Arcana (22 cards). Each card has its own value, it is a hint, not a solution to the problem. Tarot cards give you a hint on the questions that are a puzzle. Cards demonstrate only the important events from the past, talk about the real-time and help you make the right action in the future.

Tarot endowed the power to warn and suggest, talk about human power, the feelings and abilities. Predicting with the help of cards, you can see the future, and figure out how past events have an impact on real time.

There are many layouts Tarot, you choose the desired layout in your site navigation and the most important thing is always to focus on question.


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