Major Arcana Tarot Meanings

The Fool.
In the future, travels and cheerful acquaintances different people await you. In the near future you will have a good mood. You will enjoy life, but your family and friends would like to see you as a more serious person. Life problems will be easily overcome and no matter what happens, you will always find a way out of any situation, at the same time you will be cheerful optimistic.

The Magician
In the future, you will manifest ingenuity and begin to explore the different life situations. You will begin to take more responsibility for any issues and if you have any troubles you will manifest a reasonable approach to the situation, whether it is in trouble at work or in your personal life.

Do not be afraid to experiment, strive with confidence to their cherished goal, and colleagues will appreciate you. This is a good period for love and passionate adventure, because soon you will have a lot of vitality.

The High Priestess
In the future, you will show sensitivity, you will start to rely more heavily on intuition and relatives and friends will respect you.

In the future, do you begin to care about their children, wisdom and spirituality to their close relatives. Despite its high spirituality, you will live the hidden pleasures of life, will have a small mystery. Before making any action you analyze the whole situation, and because of its restraint big trouble should not be expected.

The Empress
You will be more sensitive person, always willing to help and listen to other people's problems. At work you respect for your persistence and in family you favorite human. In the future, your actions will be positive; will show the resourcefulness and individuality. To have surrounded the positive developments, you have to control every situation in your life.

You are successful and the ideal in the love. For you the ideal family, its purpose in life, so will attend high sexuality and charm. Also, this card indicates pregnancy or replenishment of the family.

The Emperor
Your goal is to dominate other people and to achieve their cherished goal. Despite various troubles, you do not stop to achieve their cherished goal, and sometimes you will give all their strength and sacrifice the health. Through your strict character, colleagues you are afraid but in the family you are a different person. In the future await you testing may have financial problems and health problems but do not need to worry; you will be able to solve any problem.

The High Priest
High spirituality, teacher, mentor, and for many people, you are a respected person. You will adhere to moral principles and national traditions. To strangers, you'll be treated with caution, and only with close friends you will consult and trust them. This card is a symbol high spirituality, so the principles and traditions is more important material goods.

The lovers
In the near future you are waited strong passionate feelings and sexual attraction to your loved one. Positive period of time, you will feel happy. In the near future, forget about depression and loneliness. Get ready for a period of positive and remember that everything has beginning and ending, therefore, spend more time with his family. During this period, you will begin a passionate feeling of love and not worth the combine personal life with work. As you have guessed, there may be love novels at work.

The Chariot
Get ready for a major change, your life will become more active. If you will show maximum activity, you will succeed in everything.

This is a good period for combining work and leisure, love and work. In your life will be soon active and happy, but do not abuse the health, it can negatively appear in your personal life and at work. Trust only trusted people and friends and waiting for you success.

The Strength
Strong, brave and persistent character. You'll have to show strength and courage. With health everything is fine, but in the family and at work you will require discipline.

In order to achieve their cherished goal, in some cases, have to use physical force. In the future waiting for you active period, and despite various troubles, you will be able to resolve any issues and achieve their goals without any problems.

The Hermit
You are a mentor and a man with an open soul. Despite its generosity and sincerity, you will still feel the loneliness and mental anxiety. In the future you will develop spiritual powers. Card indicates the wisdom and life experience. Before work you carefully analyze the situation. You will not risk money and choose to more quiet life where you will be confident in the future. Card indicates the achievement of previously planned targets and generation of new knowledge.

The Wheel of Fortune
It's time for serious changes. Prepare for the unexpected positive events fate. In the future, you expect a new cycle of positive change, card indicates a chance that should be used. New features meeting new people, traveling, or an unforgettable romantic evening you prepared the fate. And what exactly do you know after some time, just at the moment when you least expect

The Justice
Card indicates the story where you will be the main personage. You may experience financial misunderstandings, problems about your health or a serious conversation with relatives or friends. Get ready for a serious change; it can be problems that you will have to decide.

The Hangred Man
The waiting period, unfortunately, you will not be able to implement all previously conceived plans. Tarot card indicates low activity and trouble. Card warns about the dangers, so do not risk money and life through money. In the near future, try to analyze all of their actions and do not trust strangers.

The transition from one stage to another, the card warns of a difficult period in his life. Tarot Card Death indicates about the cardinal change, the person starts to live with a clean slate. This may be moving in search of a better life or love relationships break, from which you are tired and want to find your ideal lover. Get ready for the radical changes can happen to anything, be difficult but, for some time the situation will improve.

The Temperance
Card indicates faithfulness in love and stability in the financial position. This is period of stability and reciprocity with a loved one. Card indicates a period of abstinence aggression and irascibility, lack of anxiety, forgiveness and trust.

In love means reciprocity and harmony with your partner. The high affection for the beloved partner and more sexual attraction.

The Devil
Card indicates greed and attachment to material things. You will have to make a choice between the spiritual and material values, and it is no secret that money and power for you will be more important spiritual values.

The desire to excel all others can destroy you. You have the temptation of money, and you will go on a risk but remember that there is nothing free. Be careful in everything because the through money and personal benefits, you can lose a true friend or loved one.

Tarot Card the Devil says about temptation of drugs and alcohol, the person has anger or turbulent emotions. Man focuses on the satisfaction of own flesh, intrigue and impure intentions.

The Tower
Tower card is not verdict, it warns of the dangers of the bad intentions of other people or the betrayal of beloved person or friends. Get ready for the serious changes; you have to go through a trial period, after which will begin the joyful moments. In the near future you may deteriorate health, troubles at work or a financial crisis. Card Tower warns about the sudden impact of enemies; destroy the idea, unpleasant events, the loss of the meaning of life or a mental disorder.

The Star
Tarot Card Star - a security card eliminates and improves the situation after the unfavorable period. It is time to restoration of forces after a hard period. In the future you will be able to implement the previously conceived by ideas, and very soon will come true your dream.

For females is pregnancy. Creative person can more develop your talents, and you will become a famous man and friends to you will be treated with respect. This is a period of calm and you can to analyze all mistakes from the past life, so that in the future you will be able reach their cherished goal.

The Moon
You will begin to live by double standards, and the character you will be variable. Your real life will not like your dreams. Tarot card the Moon speaks about secrecy and unrealistic fantasies. About material things do not worry, everything will remain as before but in your personal life there will be changes. Try to analyze all action from the past, because your thoughts are very a fabulous, and not always comparable to real life.

The Sun
Card speaks about happy moments, a nice time, optimism, good health, the influx of vitality, happiness, good news, a trip to a warm place, the implementation of ideas. You will feel confident in their abilities and are able to implement the ideas.

If you live an honest and decent life, relatives, colleagues and friends will respect you. Card indicates success in your personal life, strong health, wealth and the realization of plans but only if your attitude to other people will be sincere. Do not miss the chance to feel like a happy man.

You need to analyze his life and in the future do not making mistakes from a past life. It is time to assess the situation and make the right decision. Card speaks about the actions where you will be able to reach the goal and do not hurt other people.

The World
The happy ending of the case, excellent condition, joy and of achievement of the goal. You will be able to realize all its plans and will find its place in the world. Card indicates success, strong health and peace of mind but to be a happy man, you need to work on themselves and to cooperate with people who support you.

You're going the right way to a successful career, where you get rewarded for the work done.


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