Powerful Spell Pregnancy

If you feel uncomfortable and unprotected - these are the main reasons that prevent you from getting pregnant because a strong negative impact strongly affects your physical and psychological health.

Anxiety and stress reduce the production of hormones, so a pregnancy spell will help you regain your psychological health. The pregnancy spell creates a favorable atmosphere for the conception of the child and positively affects a woman's health.

Why cannot healthy couples have children?

Conception of the child - has always been considered a miracle and all couples are eager for this. But, very often there are problems with pregnancy and for a woman it becomes a curse and healthy couples cannot get pregnant and have their own children, but others give birth to children with various diseases? Even qualified doctors cannot answer this question.

If a woman cannot become pregnant and doctors cannot help and cannot determine the cause of infertility, then you need to believe in a miracle and a spell pregnancy can be effective.

Spell Pregnancy - Fertility Ritual

How to pronounce a spell pregnancy?

Read the spells you need in complete solitude and tranquility. No one should disturb you during the whole rite. The best thing is to stay alone for a while and completely immerse yourself in the process.

Almost in all folk traditions, the land is symbolized by the Goddess of Fertility, so in the warm season, a conspiracy for pregnancy can be carried out in nature, becoming barefoot on damp earth. In winter, rituals are best conducted in the house, however, to create a suitable atmosphere will help house plants and flowerpots, and this will bring you closer to the power of the earth.

Reading the words of the spell you need to concentrate as much as possible on your desire to become pregnant, you need to represent the expected result.

How words affect the consciousness?

Magic spells and rituals are able to influence the consciousness of a person, give confidence, improve one's health and the person becomes spiritually strong.

From the scientific point of view, it can be explained by two theories:

The first theory - magical love spells pregnancy contain sounds that affect the mood.

The second theory - in the words there are images of other people or Gods, who says Mag to affect other people.

An ancient ritual to get pregnant

The spell helps to become pregnant and will provide birth without complications. The ritual must be spent in the evening or at night, so that no one interferes, and you must be concentrated.

Before the ritual, you should be dressed in a nightgown with loose hair, because all the energy goes through your hair. Then one foot in the basin with water, and the other on the floor and three times read the spell.

"I'm calling (your name) strength strong and light so that the Higher Powers gave me a strong and intelligent baby. Let my child cry loudly in forty weeks - no faster than 9 months. To touch my chest and my little child will not touch the evil spirit, will avoid misfortunes and problems. The husband of my child will accept and give him a beautiful name. All that is conceived let it be fulfilled."

Spell Pregnancy - An ancient ritual to get pregnant

After the ritual, the girl with two legs enters into the basin with water and three times to utter a conspiracy.

"I believe in your strength and I want a child from you."

Now you can go to bed, but remember the water in the basin should remain until morning.

Strong spell with engagement ring

In order for a woman to become pregnant, the ritual must be performed with the help of an engagement ring. Put the ring on your palm and make a smooth movement clockwise and read the words of the spell. After the ritual, the ring should be wrapped in a white kerchief and not put on your finger for 9 months.

Spell Pregnancy - Strong spell with engagement ring

After 9 months, the ring can be worn again on the finger.

Spell words:

"The ring turns round on the image of the light, so be in the small first-born. The old people will look with their eyes wise and speak beautiful words. The girls will be combing their hair, and the baby will grow and run around me. I await the (name) of my child and will always wait.

So be it. Amen".


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