Money Spell

Money spells do not apply to black magic, because other people you cannot make to hurt. Money spell has a positive impact, as a person begins to save life energy.

In the modern world, for many people money is the main goal, but the laws of nature are stronger than material values, therefore human beings must maintain a balance between spiritual and material values. Sometimes money helps to solve many problems, so we'll tell you how to use a spell you can get a lot of money and use them in good deeds.

Spell money black or white magic?

Spells money does not apply to black magic because you do not change destiny to other people and do not harm them. A spell money is not considered a sin and cannot be.

Money spell candle on the new moon

In order for the spell to have a strong energy, the ritual must be spent at night on the growing moon, but the strongest effect will be on the full moon. This is a simple money spell and will suit you if you urgently need a certain amount of money, for example, for medical treatment or other good deeds.

In order for the spell to start acting, the moon should illuminate the room, but if there is no such possibility, the ritual can be conducted on the outdoors. Before the beginning of the ritual, concentrate, light a candle, and put it in front of you. Sit facing the moon and read the words of the spell.

"Angels were walking in the sky and carrying sacks of money. Bags opened and money fell from heaven. I (name) walked on the ground and found all the money, collected it and carried it home. In the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit. Amen".

After the ritual, wait until the candle will burn. Then you need to collect the remaining wax and put in a purse, this wax will be for you a financial talisman.

Money spell candle photo

Money spell candle photo

A simple ritual for money without candles

Many magicians recommend this spell, since it is very simple and does not need special skills.

You need every time after buying the goods to receive the surrender of money and read the words of the spell. You must pay for the goods only in cash.

"In my purse is your money. Your wealth will be mine. May it be so. Amen".

Before the ritual, you need to concentrate each time on desire. And you'll never be a poor person again. Good luck!


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