Spell Girl

Everyone wants to be loved, but not all men are willing to talk about feelings of love. It often happens when a girl does not respond with mutual love and many men become depressed and do nothing. But, there is always a way out of the situation and a spell girl will help you so that the girl changed her anger to mercy and answered you with mutual feelings.

Many believe that spells and magic are a woman's occupation, but in fact, men also often seek help from magicians, fortune tellers or magical rituals.

Of all the spells, the spell girl is the most popular among men.

Spell girl using photo

This is strong spell that should be done in the evening or at night. You need to read the spell girl three days in a row, once for each side of the world. In order for the spell to be energetically strong, the text must be learned by heart, only so you can charm the girl.

So, take a photo of a girl in your hand and stand to the east and say the words:

"You are my (girl's name) so that you cannot live without (your name) in the land on which you walk. I conjure that we should be one like Fire, Air and Water with the Earth, so that your thoughts are only about me. So that I could control you as the rays of the Sun rule the light. And let your soul and body connect as one and that you cannot enjoy life without me (your name). Amen"

Now turn to the west, then south and north and read words spell.

In order for the spell to take effect, you must turn your face to all four directions and read the words. When you read the spell girl, think of the one that lives in your heart and mind. Try to imagine the girl as if she is standing in front of you, as if you can smell her and warm her.

Spell Girl

What are the consequences of spells?

The consequences can be different, from minor to serious. Together with love, you can get sickness, then after a while the desire for its beauty will disappear, appetite will disappear and you can lose the meaning of life.

Each love spell breaks the will of a person, it is very hard emotionally and physically.

Therefore, before you begin to read the words of the spell, you determined whether you need this girl and whether you can overcome all the side effects from the spell.


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