Spell Boy

A spell boyfriend is a chance to be loved and happy, but you will never get to bewitch a guy if the Higher Powers are against your intentions. But, do not be discouraged, there is always a chance a spell guy will help you, and you'll find out what feelings this person feels about the relation to you.

Love is a strong feeling and we commit insane acts and even risk our lives.

A spell boy will help attract the attention of a loved one, and it may not be of his own free will. If you are ready for such an act, I will tell you how to properly conduct a ritual so that there are no side effects and that the guy loves you.

Spell near the house

A very simple ritual with a broom. Pull out with a broom two bars and one rod hold in the right hand and the second in the left hand and imagine how your beloved guy hugs and kisses you.

Now say the phrase

"My beloved will fall in love with me and be always mine"

Now wait until midnight and put the twigs a cross near the threshold of your boyfriend, so that he oversteps them. When he stepped through the bars, the spell will begin to act.

Spell Boy to Girl

Spell - Love Yearning

You can summon love anguish with the help of a spell you need to read after sunset.

"My beloved (name of the guy) come to me, to my palace, to my doorstepin my footsteps. We will always be together and I will never give you away to somebody. Amen."

Love spells using photo

The most effective spell is when there is a photo of a boyfriend.

The photo helps to concentrate on the person and transmits information about the boyfriend, and after the ritual you will get a much stronger effect.

For the spell to be strong the photo must be new, because the old photos cannot transmit all the energy of a person. But you need to know that the spell photo is valid for up to a month because this is violence against the human will. And if the will of your boyfriend is very strong, then the magic will cease to act and instead of love he will hate you.

Spell Boy to Girl

For a love spell you will need:

- Photo of a loved one;
- A pen;
- Needle;
- Red thread;
- Church candle;
- Red cloth.

From the beginning of the ritual to the end, the candle should burn, so first of all light the candle.

On the back of the photo above write your name, and below write the name of the boy. Turn the photo to yourself and sew a chest with a red thread. Begin to sew from yourself, saying:

"As the thread behind the needle stretches, so you (the guy's name) will come to me."

Do not cut the thread, but leave it so that it hangs down on the back. Now, from the back of the photo, fill it with wax and read this phrase:

"Let it be as I want!"

When the candle burn out, wrap the photo in red cloth and hide so that no one has seen and did not know that you did the spell photo.


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