Powerful love spells

Many female persons use a spell to fascinate a man (guy), and expect strong love. But very often the spell does not work and in some cases everything happens the other way around.

The mistake is that some girls do not know how to properly make a spell.

What is the most powerful love spell?

To bewitch a man, women used blood during menstruation, so a month-long love spell is considered the strongest, but despite the fact that this method is the strongest, it is also dangerous. But, there are not only dangerous and strong spells, there are also safe and white spells. All below presented magic spells are safe and white.

Magic love spell on photos.

You need three candles and a photo of the person you want to bewitch. The candles should be arranged in a triangle and put a photo in the middle.

Now set the candles on fire and concentrate. Now say those words.

Powerful love spells using photos (pictures) and candles

"I urge love! I wait for my beloved, I cherish the feelings carefully! Amen!"

Blow out the candles and press the photos to the chest.

Divination by candlelight has a very strong power, because candles serve as a corridor with the other world and if your feelings are strong, your chosen one will be yours.

Sexy spell

In this spell you will need two photos - yours and the chosen one. That your relationship was strong, using a needle to connect two photos and read the spell. Before you read the spell choose a calm environment and concentrate when you pronounce the words.

"As I (my name) love and miss, so do you (partner name), turn my attention to me, look in my heart and love me greatly"

After reading the words, imagine an instant meeting with your loved one. Then hide the photo for 7 weeks.

After this spell, your chosen one will think only of you and will call you back and you will meet.


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