Powerful Candle Spell

What desires can I wish for?

Before the ritual, a spell with a candle should you must decide with desire. You can wish yourself or another person to find love, to become rich, to wish health, and even to have a child, this desire is often desired by childless families. Desire can be any, but remember that it turned out to be prophetic, you must have positive intentions.

The ritual is conducted with the help of one candle and with a candlestick. To fulfill the desire, the ritual must be done during three consecutive evenings, so choose a big candle. Also, each color of the candle is associated with a desire that is endowed with magical power and symbolizes any deeds and desires:

Sexy spell

White color - healing and protection;

Yellow - travel, business negotiations or conversations with friends, cheerful mood, sociability, creativity;

Orange - career success, self-expression;

Red - a strong passion and sexual pleasure, a victory over an opponent;

Pink - romantic relations, reconciliation, wedding;

Blue - health and development, peace of mind;

Green - money and harmony with nature, rest.

Black - destructiveness and emptiness. Sometimes the principle and confidence.

After you have decided on the choice of desire, write on paper the desire and complete this phrase:

"Let my desire bring only good and do no harm"

Create a calm atmosphere and concentrate, the best time is in the evening or at night. Put a candle with a candlestick on the paper and light a wick on the candle. Then look at the flame and imagine that your desire has come true, and at the end say this phrase.

"Let my dream come true"

Powerful Candle Spell

Throughout the whole ritual, you must be concentrated and emotions should be only positive, only in this way you will be able to achieve the goal. Now blow out the candle and go to bed. Try to fall asleep thinking about desire. These actions need to be repeated for three consecutive nights.

On the third day after the ritual, the paper needs to be ignited from the flame of the candle and wait for it to completely burn out. Ashes from the paper must be dispelled in the street. After you dispelled the ashes on the street the ritual is over. Now try to score about the desire and live a normal life, and soon everything will come true.


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