Runic Formula

The formula of the Runes is composed of three or more Runes and is designed for concrete action. Rune Magic is considered the spiritual energy that is designed to achieve a particular purpose. When the goal is reached, the Runes should be burned or buried in the ground, order to energy returned again to his place.

The formula Runes you can make yourself or to take ready formula, by the way - below we give a few ready-made formulas Runes. Each Runed sign has meaning, just as alternate, for example: the first sign - is the result, the second sign - this action is, the third sign - this is the future, and so on.

Before creating the formula of the Runes with magic Runes, discover the meaning of each runes, because by means of signs you change own life, for the better or for the worse.

Write inscription can be on any items which may be telephone, glasses, jewelry or a purse, you can also write on the front door, in a room on the floor or on the wall and create talismans with magical runes.

Thus, you spend ritual with Runes, and then, are marked on the subject. If you have created an amulet or a talisman, it should be illuminate order to energy activated.

Runic Formula


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