How to Make Runes

Today you can buy different types of runes, but in order to achieve maximum energy, runes are best done by yourself.

Why do you need to make runes yourself?
Making magical amulets, you empower every Rune.

With what materials can be made runes?

Blanks for runes are natural materials. The most popular are runes made of wood, they are easy to make and during the ritual they are very practical. Also, runes can be made of stone, clay, leather or bone, but they are difficult to process.

What size and shape should the blanks be?
The most practical form is an oval or a circle, of course you can create square or rectangular runes, you must agree that the oval forms of the runes look more beautiful and they are more practical. Create runes with a diameter of at least 3 cm because small runes are difficult to sign.

How to sign symbols?
When there are no symbols on the work piece, it is not yet Rune. The smooth surface of the work piece is applied with a waterproof paint of any color. After applying the symbols you need to cover with a clear varnish. When creating a rune, focus on its meaning. The empty rune - the God of Odin remains without inscriptions.

You must know!
After applying the symbols, the runes need to be sanctified and activated and only then your runes are endowed with magical energy. Creating each symbol should be a calm working environment.

How to make runes from wood

If you want to buy Runes, ask what type of wood they are made, because each tree is endowed with certain energy. But, the ideal option, then when you do runes yourself.

Which tree is used to create Runes?
Each tree is endowed with a specific energy, therefore, some people have several sets of runes.

Runes from wood


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