Rune Meanings and History

What are runes and meaning?

Ancient writings of the Scandinavians preserved in the inscriptions on the stones and other objects.
Each rune has its own meaning, interpretation and application. Used to obtain an answer, to achieve a specific goal, serve as a talisman and amulet. Many esotericisms believe that the Rune is a link with the other world.

Scientists find images runes in archaeological excavations around the world but, unfortunately, the exact history is not known.

There are several basic theories of runes:
• The invention of ancient German culture
• Remains from Scandinavia
• Etruscan Culture
• Greek Science

The studies of sacred signs on the rocks by historians suggest that the first runes were made in the 5th century BC, and they first appeared in the Teutonic tribes. Some scholars suggest that the symbols of the runes were invented by Scandinavian Goths in the 2nd century AD, and adapted the Greek alphabet.

The exact date and place of origin of the runes is not present, but all historians claim that the Runes were invented by a pagan tribe and were common in the North of Europe. Runes were used as runic signs in texts as signs and symbols but sorcerers always used Runes as talismans, amulets, and predicted.

Runic Formula


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