Online Divination On Runes - 4 Sides of the World

Divination on the Runes will tell you how to solve the problem and which you need to perform actions that the result was successful without unpleasant consequences.

Preparation for fortune-telling on the runes does not differ from other fortune-telling. During the fortune telling, you must have a positive mood and concentrate on the matter, so that your energy and energy of the Runes are connected to each other.

Before the beginning of the ritual, close your eyes and transfer all your energy to your fingers.

Shuffle the runes and arrange them with a cross

- The rune in the east (right) - indicates the circumstances in your life.

- A sign located on the west (on the left) means the development of the situation at the moment.

- South (bottom) - will tell you about your future.

- North (from above) - will tell you how to solve the problem and how to avoid troubles.

- The fifth Rune in the center - speaks about the person and about his real life.

Runes are able to answer any questions, for example "I cannot get married, what are the reasons for this?", "What methods can be used to solve the problem?", Etc.

Remember that runes are a tool through which you get a clue and without your actions the situation will not change in a better way. A person is able to change a destiny only after taking action, and let the runes always be the right adviser.

Focus on the question and in turn click on the runes
Divination On Runes 4 Sides of the World

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