Consecration of Runes

The rite of consecrating the runes needs to be done in a good mood and in perfect physical condition. You will need a candle of incense (a fragrant fuming candle), a plate with water, a saucer with salt and a sword or knife - these will be your elements.

Candles should be placed on the left and right side of the table. In the lower left corner put salt, and on the right side put a saucer with water. Runes should be in the center of the table.

How to consecrate a Rune set?

1 Put all the Runes and light a candle.

2 Before the consecration of the Runes, you need to protect the workplace. Take the cross in the right hand and hold it over the table, then say the words: I sanctify  this place (heaven, earth).

3 You have to focus on the meaning of each Rune and take in hand every Rune and alternately touch the each element in a clockwise direction from the fire (in this case a candle) and say the phrase I sanctify rune (title) power of fire, air, water and land.

Consecration of Runes


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