Activating Runes

Before the activation of the Runes, you need to sanctify them that you give each Rune your energy. Thus there is binding the owner, so if you do that, you need to activate the runes, and we'll tell you now.

How to activate Runes?

You in each symbol should give your energy, which is in your Spirit. During the ritual you focus on the meaning of each rune.
There are several ways to activate Runes:

1 Activation by burning.
Take a piece of paper and put on Rune, then pierce your finger to drop blood on the paper and read the conspiracy. Then a sheet of paper needs to be burned. During the burning, information passes from the physical state to the spiritual state and the rune begins to act.

2 Activation by fire.
You need a candle to light. Above the flame, carry through each rune singly and read the conspiracy, then blow out the candle and collect the Runes in the pouch.

3 Activation of the four elements (the most famous method).
The four elements are: fire, water, earth and air. Place four elements in front of you. Use a wax candle as a fire. Carry through the rune over the fire, then over the water, the earth and as the air, use your own mouth like the wind.

Be sure to concentrate during the ritual and say such words. « I endow you with the power of fire, water, earth and air - let all the higher powers help me! »

How to activate Runes


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