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Our whole life consists of numbers. Day, month and year, this mysterious code of numbers thanks to which we can unravel the past and the future of man. Thanks to science Numerology you can know which day is best to celebrate a wedding, because the wedding day greatly affects the well-being of the family. And if you are a person who is married, then try to remember the date of your marriage and compare their family life with science Numerology.

In numerology, the wedding date need to add to get the one number.

Take for example 15 November 2014

Numerology Date Of Death

For example, we received a number 6, now looking significance of this number. I want to draw attention. In numerology, number "0" is always removed. For example, a wedding date 29 November 2014

Numerology Date Of Death

Zero is removed and the number 2 will Numerology wedding.

Compatibility partners in marriage


Value to Numerology


This day leader and careerist. This is a very strong marriage of the two careerists. Each of the partners will continue to fight for the leadership in the family. This is two people who are used to being financially autonomous.

After a few years of marriage partners lose their spiritual attraction to each other, and money becomes a major cause of divorce. In order to prevent a divorce, one of the partners must demonstrate wisdom and go for a partner compromises. Very often in such a marriage the wife becomes the leader in the family and manages the family budget and my husband spend more time with family.

In such a family between partners often there are disputes through trifles, because to each spouse do not like that items are not in place.


According to numerology, this day points on the knowledge of the new and the unknown.

It is known that opposites attract. They are two different persons who like to spend time together but the mutual relations and harmony in the family will be kept until a certain time. Family problems can begin after several years of living together.

Each of the spouses wants to support his favorite partner but because they are two different people in the family will always be present emotions and disputes.

Friends and family will be surprised by such respect and despite the disputes, at long parting the two halves are starting get bored one after the other and they are attracted again.


Day indicates what will harmony and achieves the goal.

Sometimes, a person cannot achieve their goals and at the same time having tried different methods but, after an acquaintance with the right person, overcomes all the problems.

If a strong desire, the couple will be able to achieve their cherished goal but it should be remembered that after receiving the results interest to the partner weakens.

First, there are the difficulties of living together but these are difficult a time connects the two halves and made a strong marriage. Over time, love and passionate relationship will go smoothly in the habit, and two people will miss the adventure of a past life, that was at the beginning of the marriage.

If partners want passionate relationships they have to change your lifestyle and that travel or communicate with interesting people.


Very stable and mutual relations. Sometimes they wonder how a million people, they were able to meet each other and create a family. In spite of the differences of opinion, they are able to find a way out of any difficulty.

A lot of common interests, they like to travel together, and spend a romantic evening together.

To the marriage was happy, partners each other should pay more attention to, and the amount of money or material things cannot replace a warm embrace. Also, the relatives and friends should not to impede the personal life between the two halves.

If between the two halves of a quarrel, do not be distressed, for some time they reconcile again.


A good day to build a strong and mutual love. One of the best days to create the marriage, the two halves have the same goal in life, in a difficult period capable of moral support and help his beloved second half.

Between the partners may experience minor misunderstanding, sometimes problems will arise with finances or other matters related to the material things.

In most cases, the husband becomes a leader, he is responsible for the material well-being in the family but, if makes a serious purchase, he sure to talk with his wife. Unfortunately, through jealousy the family may occur resentment. Marriage is very strong; the main thing is not to change your partner and do not let other people interfere in the personal life.


If you are not extreme steam and dream of calm family, in numerology is a good day for family creation.

The relationship between the partners will be on understanding and mutual. At the beginning of life together will be passionate feelings but in a few years living together passion for the partner will be not as strong. Strong passions gradually go into the feelings of affection and responsibility.

Between partners equal relationship, on an understanding without a leader. This calm family, where each fulfilled its obligations. One of the partners will need extreme sensations, and he will find a way to have fun in the mystery of the beloved half.

The couple may divorce only for one reason, it is betrayal.


It is very enigmatic and mysterious day, surprises at the wedding and in personal life.

Throughout joint life between the partners will be mysterious and mystical events and sometimes, the wife will be surprised happiness and to luck.

The mystery and mysticism is present in the common life of the two spouses, also, each partner will seem beloved half undiscovered person.

Very interesting life, a mystery and mysticism. It is very variable people, sometimes to each other will feel a strong passion, and sometimes irritability. This is an unusual marriage in which children are born the same and endowed extraordinary the talent.


A good day for a wedding. In this marriage of spiritual and material values will be located on the same level.

The couple was created in order to give birth to and educate children for religious reasons. In this marriage, each partner has a goal - to be rich and happy. In order to become rich and successful personality, each partner understands that need to earn money and to fulfill their family responsibilities, so each partner is trying to become a leader in the family.

Sometimes, through a material values of steam begins to quarrel, and only because of its high spirituality, between husband and wife inflames flame of love and a couple understands that they are made for each other.

In such a marriage stimulus to life – this children. Thanks to children, marriage remains strong. In some cases, one partner can treason but, thought the children back to the family. In this marriage partner is ready to forgive infidelity of the partner, because the children will suffer first.

Date is ideal for registration. It will be material prosperity and spiritual affinity between the spouses.


Marriage was created the heavens.

Strong love on a spiritual level, the partners meant for each other but interest in global problems shares the partners. Each of the spouses is trying to help other people and forget about their problems, so lost the spiritual attraction between the partners.

Very often the couple divorced. The cause of bad relations – this bifurcation points of view and lack of reciprocity,

To find each other and create a family partners are not require much effort, so, order to keep love, everyone will need to show concern of the second half and work on their mistakes.

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