Pythagorean square

The famous mathematician Pythagoras believed that the character, behavior and life of man is encoded in the form of numbers where each number has its own character, that is value. If you add two different numbers, you get a third number that will have its significance.

First example
Number 1 is characterized with the courage, and the number 3 is characterized with honesty, and if we add the two numbers 1 + 3 will result in the number 4 and will indicate that a person actions are honest.

Second example
For example, the number 4 is characterized with cunning, and if you add 3 to 4 you get a 7, and would mean that such a person is able to apply the cunning to achieve the goal but it will still be an honest man.

When a child is born two energy are mixed and this cyclical in nature infinite. This is just an example, and in fact these numbers have completely different meaning.

I hope you understand?

Numerology Pythagorean square

Date of Birth 25 March 1985 write in the desired cell. Zero is always removed, for example, if the number 30 is necessary to write only 3. Now we fill the square by date of birth.

Numerology - Pythagorean square

1 We need add up all the the numbers from date of birth. 2 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 33

Numerology - Pythagorean square

2 In order for to fill the second cell, you need to add up the numbers from the first cell 3 + 3 = 6

Numerology - Pythagorean square

3 Now select the number of the first cell and subtract from the second cell and multiply by 2 33-6) x 2 = 54

Numerology - Pythagorean square

4 In order for to fill the fourth cell, add up the numbers from the cell-thirds 5 + 4 = 9

Numerology - Pythagorean square

Connect the two tables in one and get a table with 8 cells

Numerology - Pythagorean square

It remains to this sort all the numbers.

Numerology - Pythagorean square

Now you have drawn up a personal Pythagorean square. Each cell has its own quality. Look similarities and compare the Pythagorean square with the table.

Meaning of numbers on Pythagoras


1 (or absent)

In the life of this person is difficult independently achieve high results. Often seen selfishness and inflated conceit. It flabby person who is unable to make radical decisions. If this is a man, he is always consults with his wife or with his mother. His words do not always coincide with the actions, many promises and does not always fulfill the promise. In heavy situations it can be expected different meanness.


A selfish person with a high opinion of himself. Between friends, very sociable and cheerful person but in difficult situations not always ready lend their assistance. Often shows emotions but after some time resentment passes. This man mood and his bad temper displayed on the surrounding people.


Confident personality but unfortunately this not always the person making radical changes. This category of people not at risk, and are used to being financially independent.


A very confident person. According to numerology, this category of people considered to be reliable friends and remain loyal to their beloved second half. A strong and persistent character, always find a way out of the situation and achieve goals. Sometimes it can prove emotional temper but only in extreme cases.

11111 (and higher)

A very confident person and with a sneer refers to other people. Considers himself almost a God, and the power and the money are more important than spiritual values. This materialist who is ready to go to extreme measures, and unfortunately words do not always correspond with the action. Character variable, duplicity and cunning. In numerology is a dictator, no spiritual qualities and pity.


2 (or absent)

The problems of other people not interested in it. On the problems of other people make money and help people exclusively through its own benefit. The person is very selfish and belongs to the category of energy vampires.


With bioenergy all right but do not mind replenishment through other people. It is a closed personality, and many think that this is a strange man. It is not generous and not greedy people in the middle and there are some strange qualities.


Sociable person with amorous qualities. Not accustomed to being alone, always looking contact with other people. Basically takes pleasure joy through love, through fun events and communicating with people. In conflict situations, there is a loss of vital energy.


Extrasensory abilities and self-confidence. Strong human biofield, while communicating with other people feels the arrival of energy but it is not a vampire, is an exchange of energy with others. Despite their extrasensory abilities, a person is not able to overpersuade other people. To increase your vitality, you need to communicate with nature.

22222 (and higher)

A man with a strong biofield can sometimes become energy vampire is not aware of it. It knows how to convince other people and to predict the future. This dear person among of close friends. It knows how to exchanges of energy between humans and receives energy from nature.

Ability to science

3 (or absent)

Responsible person, discreet and with respect for the concerns of others. Good logical thinking, is able to provide a few steps forward, and in some cases steadily goes to the risk and achieves high results. Colleagues and friends respect this person.


Responsible person lives by its principles and does not pay attention to other people's advice. This category of people who are accustomed to live by the rules, in most cases, these people have the propensity for mathematics or physics.


Person doing quality work, thinking that better than him no one will do the work. Able to negotiate with partners and in some cases go for a compromise. Colleagues respect you, and partners happy about this cooperation. A man confident in his abilities, there are organizational talent.

3333 (and higher)

Workaholic, day and night spending time behind the computer, works for such a person a hobby and make money. Such a person with disdain for the physical works. Hiking or skiing are not for him, such a person prefers to look on TV like other active holiday or turn on the computer and start to work.


4 (or absent)

Health is good up to a certain age, so do not abuse health at a young age. It can occur mental breakdowns, frequent depression or frustration.


Good health but, in later years, could be in trouble, sometimes hereditary diseases begin to worry, though a person may looks physically strong.


There are no problems on the physical and mental health. The man is strong and proudly overcome all unpleasant situations but, stock health is limited, so do not forget to cares about himself.

4444 (and higher)

Very strong and stable person. Large stock of physical health and self-confidence. In difficult times does not give up, always proudly overcome troubles in life, ready to help family and friends.


5 (or absent)

Man cannot discover in themselves the ability of intuition, so many mistakes in my life. It is difficult to talk sense without provable facts, trusts only himself. Do not trust people and difficult enters trust of other people.


Good intuition but not fully developed, and people often rely on logical thinking, that is on the mind. In the difficult situation intuition helps solve the problem.


Man is able to feel the energy of other people. In very rare cases there is telepathy between relatives. High ability of clairvoyance, so the ability should be developed.

5555 (and higher)

The ability of clairvoyance, the ability to anticipate danger and troubles in life. The ability to read minds at a distance, the person feels trouble and a negative impact from other people. All the bad events that take place in the privacy of a person can change but the fate of others, this person cannot.


6 (or absent)

In order for people to start earning money intellect, you need to go through the physical labor.


This person earns money own mind and physical work as a hobby. Man realizes that the money you need to earn only the mind.


Man is able to work physically and intellectually but does not stay long in one place. Is no such work that he likes, he works exclusively through the money and does not get pleasure from the work. This person is a lot of promises a, but, does not always keep its word.

6666 (and higher)

Theorist, which the afraid of physical and delicate work. This person is able to criticize and teach others. Such people are encountered among teachers, politicians or is it managers on the sale of goods.


7 (or absent)

There is a desire to become a creative person but need a lot of time to discover in themselves the abilities.


Person very talented in creative direction, financial situation does not allow the use of their abilities. In most cases, such people creativity becomes like a hobby and on your talent does not work to earn money. To become a celebrity you need to go a long way.

777 (and higher)

Creativity for that person serves as both main job and hobbies. Man gets great pleasure from their work. It is well-known actors, singers or artists. Such people need to be especially careful because around them positive-minded people and enviers. It must be remembered that the popularity and money can end just as well quickly as it had come to this man.

Responsibility in the family

8 (or absent)

For this person family comes first. It is a caring person, a good family man but for other people it is a hypocrite and egoist. Very jealous person in the family considers itself a leader but if a problem he cannot solve on their own, and shows duplicity.


The responsible person always will support his second favorite half and takes care of the children. But sometimes pays more attention to friends, than the beloved half and it becomes a cause for quarrels in the family.


Man sometimes forgets about his family and often has a parallel relationship. It is windy man who needs an adventure, and, unfortunately, a responsible family man it is difficult to call. Often shows pride and egoism, and the money for him sometimes become more important than friendship.

8888 (and higher)

The responsible person cares about the welfare of the family and responsible attitude to his work. For this person family and children is an incentive life. Friends and colleagues are respected, because the always keep a promise. This incorruptible person and the money for it no more important than friendship, and spiritual values.

Responsibility at work

9 (or absent)

Man cannot earn money intellect. Mental abilities are very small and undeveloped logical thinking. This person relies more on intuition and instinctual behaviors than their own mind and logical thinking. Such people prefer to work more physical labor than mental. This straightforward category of people and should not expect from them high efficiency. To work they are responsibly but act only according to the ordinance.


Man has a great mind but is absent desire to reveal his talents. They begin many things simultaneously but do not always follow through. This person works where it is profitable and the money more important than spiritual qualities. This lazy people but in life they are lucky.


The man is very responsible attitude to work, all power in his mind. This category of people always strives for high results and if problems arise they proudly overcome all the problems and strive to the goal. Sometimes, through the work of in the family arise is a misunderstanding.

9999 (and higher)

Man smart, knows several languages, society well-mannered but through greed for money is not human morals. Through money and power is ready to go for the kill, it is a hypocrite and dishonest people.

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