Numerology name and surname calculate

On behalf of the person depends on the fate of man and science Numerology is able to explain the character of the person by name. When you say the person's name, are issued different sounds and in the subconscious of a person begin to compare himself with sounds of the name.

According to the Numerology, if the name has more solid letters - a man persistent, sincere and sometimes words or actions may of offending the interlocutor. If in the name of more than soft sounds - such a person is more gentle character, very sociable, quickly enters into trust but often manifests cunning with selfish intentioned.

During the pronunciation of the name, sound vibration acts on certain areas of the brain and a person's character is formed. Numerology Science was created a simple system of adding all the digits up where the eventually should get one number.

Free calculation of numbers by first and last name

To find out your number, use the table.
To get a more accurate result, it is necessary to calculate separately the name and surname.

Meaning of numbers in numerology

Take for example the name of Jacob. Each letter is assigned a number. Then we add up all the numbers. In numerology, all numbers add up and eventually you should get one number. In our example, the number of name happened - 4.

Please note!
Digit zero must always be removed. For example, if the result would have been 20, zero is removed and number get 2.

How to calculate your name

Now, the same figurative find out number names. For example last name Johnson.

Calculate your name on numerology

To get the code name you need to Name and Surname add together.


Letter numerology numbers

In our example, on numerology has the number 9


Value to Numerology


A man with great vitality and, unfortunately, with an aggressive character. This person is very selfish, advice other people do not take seriously and reacts badly to the criticism. Digit 1 indicates leadership abilities and independence. This is a very persistent individual and thanks to ambitions, this category of people is able to achieve their life goals, and specify the impact on other people. This person chooses honest and trusted friends, but hypocrites and liars refers with contempt.


It peacekeepers and a very sociable person. At first glance, these people look strong but when difficulties arise and need to take the initiative, a person under the influence of number 2 is getting nervous and cannot solve complex problem. This is a very responsible people but they cannot achieve its goal without the support other people. Through its indecision often cannot take an important and correct decision, so, personal life is not always successful and happy.


This is a very sociable person and often relies on intuition. This man lives an active life, and a variety of difficulties or troubles easily overcome and reach the treasured purpose. Such a person is not accustomed live a quiet life, this category is always looking for adventure and something new and unknown for yourself. A friends chooses an honest and reliable. A goal reaches honest way and despises deceivers and hypocrites. This man has a difficult character but on this man can be relied upon and this reliable person.


Balanced person who is accustomed to live a quieter life. Such a person thinks long time and only then makes the decisions. Unfortunately, such people are not accustomed to rapid and dramatic changes in personal and professional life. Stability, moderate salary and confidence in the future, it is their way of life. Extreme rest or gambling, it is not for them. In life, they very rarely run the risk, so, this category of people in the community occurs among the middle class and only a separate category of people is able to achieve high results and achieve the treasured purpose. Family relationship with a partner is very sincere and mutual. They take care of the beloved second half and remain faithful family man.


Optimistic person, like traveling and seeks only forward. This is a gambling person; risk and danger make it a more interesting life. Most are far from reality, they like to rest in a noisy company so often abuse alcohol and that their weakness. It is easy to enter the trust and in a friendly collective are always in the spotlight, without them the party becomes boring. They are freedom fighters but often abuse their positions and, unfortunately, their actions do not always coincide with the words. Look for yourself the perfect life partner, though they are not perfect. Before marriage can be a lot of partners, so later getting married. The ideal marriage is their dream, however, often goes on compromises, although they like when your partner is subject to, and agrees.


This personality is characterized by an honesty and decency. This category of people is strongly focused on material things and sometimes for their money becomes more important spiritual values. These people are used to achieve its goal and, in some cases, can act non-standard ways, without telling others about their plans and intentions. Very often show secretive way of life, they are more listened to, than talk and waiting for the right moment to implement their plans. In private life are accustomed be a leader and if the partner does not make concessions, in the family there are misunderstandings and business can reach of divorce, so, the partner of the given person must always listen to the person who has the number 6 on the numerology.


A very curious person, interested in new developments, exploring the interesting and unknown science. Very high spirituality, interested in esotericism and magic. This person seems to be enigmatic and mysterious; many friends sometimes derisively relate to him words and do not always understand the course of action. This person is often risk and actions do not look like the standard, so achieves high results in a career. In his personal life the relationship with the partner variables, sometimes passionate and reciprocal relationship, and sometimes arise a feeling of irritation with my beloved man, so, often suffer from depression.


This category of people is always striving for this goal, and if there are difficulties in life, such people any methods overcome them and rarely show compassion. These people live a very active life, often successful businessmen and famous people. Also, this category of people you can meet among politicians which are discussed in the society. The decisions taken on their own, they liked when they are praised, but they do not like criticism. People under the influence of the number 8 in numerology are divided into two categories. One category of people is very generous, and regard yourself a happy man. Another type of people throughout his life accumulates energy and money, sings the material things more important spiritual values, so, such people often consider themselves unfortunate people.


In numerology, it the largest number. Such people are very responsible they help others people and ask for nothing in return. This category of people thinks that without them, society will not be able to solve the global problems, and therefore these persons take the initiative and emerging as leaders. This person is able to achieve good results but if they want to. Unfortunately, very often under the guise of a good man are hidden bad intentions, so, this person's words doing not always coincide with the actions. They look very strong persona and never are showing their suffering to others people and do not talk about their problems. On the question - how are you? They answer - well, but in fact, they have a lot of problems in his personal life. Thus, they are more concerned about other people's problems than about their own. With partners are fickle, always looking for new and interesting people, so often divorced.

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