Numerology Number of Money

Numerology of money will tell you how to properly manage money to be rich.

The law of money: You cannot want money without a reason.
To be a rich person you need to know one rule, maybe it will seem philosophical to you, but it really is so and if the money law is combined with the numerology of money, you will necessarily be rich person.

If you do not have specific actions how you will spend money, unfortunately you will not achieve success.

The one who, having received money and does not know how to distribute them competently, will never be happy. It is necessary to spend money competently or to do something good for the family or for other people. If you just want to buy things without a purpose, then you will become poor and unhappy.

Science Numerology enables each person to calculate a personal wealth code by date of birth. But to be rich do not tell your secrets to other people.

Numerology Number of Money

Numerology and numbers of success

Dates, times and numbers are all encrypted code that needs to be decrypted. If you learn to use the numerology of money, in the future you will have new opportunities and you will necessarily become rich and successful.

Each person knows that money is needed to be free and buy yourself various material things or travel the world and this desire accompanies a person throughout his life. Yes, really everyone needs money to provide himself and his family with necessary things, also money gives power. To be rich, you must be active and money must make money. Invest in new projects to increase material condition.

Now we'll look at how your date of birth affects the financial success of the Numerology of Money.

Numerology number of money

To find out your code of money, you need to add the day and month of your birth.

All numbers need adding to get one figure. For example: on December, 29th of April

2 + 9 + 1 + 2 = 14

1 + 4 = 5

With such an easy mathematical exercise, you can find out the number of money on the Numerology and in the table below you can find out the meaning, hidden talents and other qualities of a person.


Value to Numerology


The Symbol of the Sun. Person is able to balance himself in all situations by mixing positive and negative qualities. According to numerology, the figure means a certain strength, innovation, the desire for the best. Sometimes the quality of tyranny and rudeness is manifested to reach the goal.


The figure "2" by Numerology symbolizes poverty or material loss, this means that large bills with the number "2" need to be exchanged or spent. Amounts with banknote 200 and 2000 can not to lent or borrowed. It is not recommended to keep money in two banks.

If on the calendar number "2" try not to make money transfers, it is best to postpone the next day of the month. By Numerology people under the influence of this digit are very hard to make money, and very often spend them not deliberately. It is not recommended to take big credits and play gambling, you can forget about "easy" money.

Banknotes with the number 2 always lead to reckless spending, buying useless goods. If you have banknote with digital "2" you need to get rid of it quickly, but poor people cannot be given, it will only aggravate their situation.


The digit "3" always brings success. All sums with three bring success and mean a stable financial position, a more stable digit is "4". Money with the number "3" can be lent or make a financial investment in promising projects.

To be rich, keep a happy note in the purse with the number 3, it is best if it is foreign money. If you are asked for cash assistance, give a bill with digit three, this symbol of luck to you will return with a reward. She will bring help to the beggar, you will return with percentages.

It's no secret that in the world there are laws of justice and helping other people you improve your financial situation. If your number of fate "3" means you are a generous person and doing a good job, fate returns three times as much.


In Numerology "4" is a symbol of prosperity and symbolizes financial stability, sustainable financial situation. If this is your number by the date of birth, then you are a good financier and you know how to wisely manage money and know how to make money.

The digit "4" is the most positive money symbol, a person has different abilities, that's this person always achieves success. This man knows that need to earn money to live worthily.

Banknotes with a figure of "4" are best left in the purse, they will be a guarantee of stable prosperity and good welfare. Do not give any bills to anyone and not present, it is best to spend it yourself.


Good numeral to promote business projects, so if you have in purse banknote with the number "5" it needs to be spent on useful things, it means that in the future your financial situation will double.

Also make a purchase on the 5th of the month, these items will prove to be useful, and you will be pleased. It is best to buy something that is important to you and the family.

If you build a house, be sure to place a coin with the number "5" under the foundation, there is such a belief that in the house you will never experience poverty. But, if you have already built a house, do not be disappointed, the wealth will not bypass you, if you put one or several coins near the entrance door.


Number stability. If by Numerology your date of birth is number "6" so you are a person who will not be thoughtlessly to spend money, do not buy expensive things. You are a very economical person. You do not like to take and give money to loans, you think it's better to get a lower salary but it is stable, so you never risk and do not gamble.

You are lucky, and unfortunately not everyone able how to wisely manage money, and do not forget that spiritual energy is more important than material benefits, then everything will be fine.

So that you always had a stable material prosperity, put three banknotes in your purse so that the total amount was "6" and this money will bring you luck. Financial stability has not harmed anyone in the modern world.


"7" digit attracts trouble, loss of money or bankruptcy. If this is your date by birth then you cannot restrain yourself from useless purchases. Get a salary and stretch it for a month - unfortunately it's not about you.

In your life very often there are bright events and in a few days comes disappointment and, in some cases, great debt. In business, it's better to listen to advice to partners and trust only trusted people, because through strong trust in other people you risk going bankrupt.

A banknote with the number "7" is better spent or exchanged. You cannot keep this banknote together with other money.


The symbol of infinity, or two times four, in Numerology is a good digit. If your figure is "8" by Numerology date of birth, this means that in your life there will always be an endless stream of money but, the sum of money will be different, big and small.

If you have a banknote with a number "8" be sure to carry it with you, it will serve you as a souvenir and increase your financial state.

A person who has in a purse with a denomination with a banknote with the number "8" often finds money or expensive valuables. If you do not believe it, try it yourself and you will be surprised. You can give or lend and you will return several times more.


The most neutral digit, it will not make a person rich, but will not live in poverty either. A person is very frugal and does not spend money on expensive journeys or things. This man prefers to rest sparingly with his family or friends, and despite the fact that a person is a little greedy, for a family or relatives makes expensive purchases.

It is best to buy food or clothing. This digit balances the positive and negative qualities.

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