The Numerology Meaning of the Number 1

The number 1 in numerology is characterized with an ambitious and selfish character. Such a person is by nature endowed with high life energy, creative ability, and strong character and leadership abilities. Sometimes, through the ambitions of such a person have difficulty in communicating with people.

Selfishness and arrogance about themselves are often the cause of misunderstandings with your loved one. This person in the family is trying to take a leadership position and has an impact on the partner. Very often the partner cannot withstand the mental pressure and in the family there is a misunderstanding.

Among these categories of people there is a lot of divorce eventually the person becomes lonely and begin to torment frequent depression.

The problem surrounding them do not care about, a person under the influence of the number 1 always aspires to his goal, not paying attention on pain inflicted on a other people.

Such a person is very rare to compromise and rarely listening to the advice of others and reacts violently to criticisms. At first glance it may seem a reliable partner, but if there are difficulties, this person forgets about the agreement and will do how is advantageous and actions may differ from promises.

According to the numerology these people surround the scandals; they are at the heart of the conflict. It can be lawyers, journalists, politicians, actors or singers. By nature they are leaders so often becoming head of the company, create their own business or are headed by a political party.

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 2

Person very sociable and optimism. This man was not born for life in alone, and despite frequent jealousy towards the partner is the category of people needs to communication and understanding. In numerology, the number 2 indicates a high compatibility with the partner and other people, these people often go on the compromise, in business it is respected person. Unfortunately, people under the influence number 2 very rarely to take independent decisions, they consult with their spouses, parents or friends. In business, always consults with a partner.

This person can hardly be called a careerist, in most cases reach success thanks to other people. Human nature calm but there is a limit; they do not maintain prolonged mental pressure.

Whether it is male or female, this category people always live in pairs. If a person is left alone with their problems, without other people's support person is not able to overcome the problem, through trouble will be to abuse drugs or alcohol.

The number 2 in numerology also means duplicity, both at work and at home. They may have a a good marriage, a loved one, the children, all material goods but unfortunately very often they lead parallel love relationship. If you have a husband or wife and numerology belongs to this category of people, my advice to you - do not give freedom to your loved one, keep the man under control.

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 3

The number 3 in numerology means that a person sociable, not windy and not frivolous. This man is eager to please others, and sometimes non-standard actions are trying to attract the attention, and unfortunately not all of his actions like. Friends of his respect for justice and determination, this man is able to make a responsible decision, and often show initiative, so the number 3 in numerology is the first and foremost leader with free thinking.

They are excellent for mental work and are able to perform any delicate work. With the ease subdue the faucet in the house; they are not afraid of homework. Excellent can prepare meals in the house or cook the meat on the grill. In order to reach high results, these people are willing to make compromises, sometimes sacrificing time. To achieve the goal of long are delayed at work and solve affairs non-standard ways. Colleagues and friends are showing respect behind restraint and communicating.

As for love relationships, unfortunately, not all is well. A person looking for a partner with whom is possible create a reciprocal relationship. In most cases, they marry late, but if finds to themselves life partner, their relationship becomes strong and mutual.

Beloved partner is always true, no betrayal between partners. Material well-being at family and caring for a loved one - is their main goal in life.

To live with such a person is not easy, but it is a reliable and faithful partner.

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 4

The number 4 in numerology indicates a hardworking, perseverance and practicality in life. All actions have meaning and consistency. Responsibly does work, relationships with friends and colleagues are always good. This person is very rarely goes to the conflicts, the number 4 in numerology indicate friendly relations, which sometimes have a negative impact on this category of people.

This person often becomes deceived and used by others. Also, this person falls in love quickly but, unfortunately, a partner does not always have reciprocity and a person become disappointed in his choice. It is a reliable person who likes to travel, meet new friends and achieve their cherished goal. This person is focused on achieving material benefits, but do not forget about the spiritual qualities and traditions of the family.

Life is not always perfectly formed, through an unusual behavior and a strong attention to the friends, the partner is often is jealous. Relationship with the second half like on friendly relations, so we need to pay more attention to the sexual side.

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 5

Number 5 is the struggle for high posts and popularity. Among these people you can meet politicians or businessmen who wish in life reach good results. Sometimes through unsuccessful circumstances a person may be criminal. These people are very often at risk, it may be a financial risk or the risk of life. In numerology, the number 5 is the people who live an active lifestyle and get a lot of pleasure.

Although various troubles, it successful people, friends and acquaintances respect this person and be sure to render assistance in the difficult period of life. According to numerology people under the influence 5 numbers very curious, always up to date with the latest news in the world. Analyze the economic situation in the country, so this person can always be to find the topic for conversation. This category of people often travels; they enjoy active and passive recreation.

As for love relationships, it is a very responsible person, for which the family always come first. If between partners have any dispute or situation, before the divorce case rarely reaches.

As for love relationships, it is a very responsible person, for which the family always come first. If between partners have any dispute or situation before the divorce case rarely reaches.

If not intervene in a relationship, the couple is sure to find a way out of this situation. Marriage, in which one partner has number 5, can be considered successful, because this person is ready to go on the various compromises, because the family and children for him is always the first place.

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 6

This is an ideal family man who has a relationship with beloved person is always mutual. Such a person will always find interesting topics for conversation with anyone, quickly enters into trust and this person respected friends and colleagues.

In numerology the number 6 this sincerity, kindness and charm. This man always takes the obligation in respect to the family, parents and children. Strive to make his family materially well off. In numerology, people with the number 6 are considered to be the ideal companion of life. Also, man responsibly concerns to his work, it is hard-working number, a man always makes the work within the time and in some cases takes the initiative, and in the workplace is irreplaceable.

To achieve high career growth, this person needs to make a lot of work, and develop their mental abilities. The man with the number 6 is interested in almost all the sciences, and he is interested in esotericism, including palmistry or numerology. From envy and unfavorable people hard to resist, it would prefer to turn around and leave. In most cases, the creativity becomes a hobby or additional source of income.

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 7

The man is very different from other people, and it can be seen after the first minutes of conversation. The man has a specific character; it is often an inner conflict between material wealth and spiritual values. To achieve its goal of a person forgets about the spiritual qualities and money becomes the main stimulus of life.

Person sometimes seems boring, but in his mind of this man happening real war. It reacts violently on criticism, especially if someone teaches life.

With people converge difficult, often in solitude. With partners in a marriage is often a misunderstanding, this person lives a hidden lifestyle, sometimes double standards. In family life, people indecisive to rely more on luck. Similarly, in the work, if you do not like the job, he will not show the initiative and eventually find a new job.

This is an honest and decent man, and a strange way of working sometimes causes surprise to colleagues.

This person has a relationship with a higher power, is able anticipate trouble and feels of people who have bad intentions. With close friends a good relationship, and, despite the complex nature of man remains a committed partner.

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 8

Good organizational skills, talent for creativity and the ability to business. The man is lucky in all affairs, and if there are difficulties in life, according to numerology number 8 indicates a solution to the problems and achieving goals. Man shows itself from a young age, of course, a lot depends on the parents but, in any case, this category of people under 25 years of becoming fully independent.

This is a leader who is capable to control other people and occupy high positions. In the family relations develop in different ways, everything depends on the partner; this person controls the financial expenses in the family, whether it is a female or male. For this man's career and family located on one level. Sometimes after work, in the family there are misunderstandings, this person has placed increasing emphasis time to work than family.

The man is very fair and honest, good sense of humor and ability to compromise. A person should always be loaded with work otherwise will begin depression and loss of meaning in life. It is a true family man who cares about his children.

This person has a stable relationship with the cosmos, that with the rest of people It is rare. Since childhood, aware of the existence of the subtle world, but because of financial concerns, the spiritual development of become secondary. High life activity, if view from the esoteric side, this person is able anticipate trouble and feels dishonest intentions of others

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 9

The number 9 in numerology indicates a high activity and success in any business. This is a literate and intelligent man who before work always examines all the positive and negative sides. This is a man strive for higher results, interested in new developments.

Working with stable earning money and always feels financially independent. In numerology the number 9 indicates a high level of evolutionary development; the person is capable to feel the spiritual qualities of other people. This category of people when meeting with other people experiencing the energy of another person and often relies on his intuition.

If a person feels dislike for the other person, you can forget about the cooperation. The number 9 in numerology indicates good intuition, so this person always feels a nuisance to other people. These people understand that the material and spiritual qualities should not outweigh each other. This is an honest man who is able to show loyalty and to make compromises or makes unusual action to avoid trouble.

This is a good family man, loyal and honest husband, who is not jealous for no reason. To avoid the misunderstandings with a loved partner, often goes on compromise.

Children and well-being in the family - this is the main goal in life. If you are a man with the number 9 - the wife must obey. If you are a wife with the number 9 - frequent disputes can occur in the family, because nine is a leader, therefore, learn to control their emotions.

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