Marriage Numerology

Folk wisdom says that - love for all ages and if people love each other their only death divide.

If you look from the Numerology, this science says that every person has a code of numbers. According to numerology, each number has its own character, and if you add up the number of two people, that is, join two halves, we get one number.

To find out if you are compatible with your partner you need to know the number of each partner by date of birth.

For example
One of the spouses was born 23.03 (March).1989 year (for example husband). According to numerology add up all the numbers in order to get one number. Zero is always deleted.

Numerology Date Of Death

To find human activity need to create a graph with axes (х, у).
Maximum for the "y" axis value is always is 9 and the minimum for the "x" axis is always 1.

Other half was born 7. 12 (Dec) 1991 (for example wife). Exactly the same, we need to know the number of wives.

Numerology Date Of Death

Since numerology zero deleted - wife number 3.

Now we add up the numbers of the two spouses, and we'll get one number and this number is on numerology marriage will characterize the internal situation in the family. We add so as to obtain one number.

8 Number of husband

The number of wives 3

Now we add up the numbers of the two partners and we get the number of that called - Numerology Marriage

Numerology Date Of Death

When you get your results, we look at the values in the table, and you can be concluded.

Compatibility partners in marriage


Value to Numerology


In marriage between love partners originate passionate relationship and misunderstandings at a time. The reason misunderstanding or dispute is a struggle for leadership. If a couple wants to preserve the family and to be happy, in this case one of the partners must go on compromises, because in the same family cannot be two leaders.


Marriage consists of two opposites. In the first stages of a couple lives together will be very happy but, after several years life together can begin disagreement between parterres. If the new positive changes will not occur in the family, the partners will be not interesting to each other. New hobbies or replenishment at families make a strong marriage on mutual relationships.


Between themselves the partners very mutual. Love on a spiritual level and a pair are ready to live a life in poverty, but in love. Money and material wealth is not the main goal in life; they are willing to sacrifice many material things to be together. In the family, there may be differences and dispute but, to in a certain time partners willing to compromise. Divorces happen but very rarely.


Very friendly relationship between the partners. In marriage between the partners present more than platonic love than physical love, so pay more attention to the sexual life. Between themselves the partners can argue or in derision but, for some time continue to live together happy family.

When in the family will not intervene the outsider, this marriage will be very happy. In partner a lot common interests so, between them is always reciprocal relationship.


One of the partners is always looking for adventure with interesting people. Interest in the opposite sex often becomes an excuse for jealousy, so in the family is often a tense atmosphere and jealousy.

After years of living together, the partners are becoming uninteresting to each other. Often the betrayal of the second half and the betrayal becomes a major cause of divorce.

If the partners during the first years of marriage could not find any common interests, they would divorce in the future. Only common interests and purpose in life will make a marriage strong and mutual.


In the family there is an understanding between the partners. One partner is always ready to support the second half. Right from the first days of living together in the family becomes one leader who solves the financial problems in the family. Very often, the leader becomes a wife and husband always support beloved half.

There may be disagreements but after a while one of the partners agrees with the opinion of the other. It is mutual and sincere relationship, so if the couple divorced, then someone interjected a third party.


Material well-being sometimes becomes a cause for dispute. Sometimes partners forget the beautiful feelings of love from the past and this is their main reason. Spouses often need to create a romantic atmosphere order to spirituality is more important than material values. Many people think that money will make them happy but, in fact, they are mistaken, and unfortunately, become lonely.


At the beginning a joint life between partners are present passionate feelings for each other but in a few years, the passion of love goes into the habit and a feeling mistrust is beginning to emerge.

Between people there are a lot of common interests, sometimes it seems that they are made for each other. If problems arise, the couple always supports each other.

When there are external obstacles, they overcome them without any problems. If the family does not occur variables events, and this birth of a child or travel, there is a misunderstanding between the partners and the couple divorced in the future.


Couple cares more about other people's problems and not pays attention on its internal problems. This two leaders and that the love partners have continued to live together, everyone needs to pay less attention to the partner's mistakes.

Such a marriage can be called - on the calculation and unfortunately between the partners is not strong love. Often the couple divorces after achieve the goal. They are leaders that want to stand out in the community and very often through the material welfare forget their promises – is to love and takes care of a loved one.

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