Numerology Life Path Numbers

Throughout all life are present periods of ups and downs. Science numerology makes it possible to read the activity of man. Calculate numerology life very easily, but above all I want you to explain what factors affect the activity of man.

One of the major factors this is person's parents. But, if you have rich parents does not mean that you will be active and successful man. In today's world, money is an incentive for independence and the more money you earn the more a desire to work. If parents are rich and secured his child, such a person loses the meaning of life, because there is no incentive to make money. If a person is poor, there is a desire to work more and earn money, so poor people at a young age is very high activity.

The next factor that creates a schedule numerology life – this a human mind. Future depends on mind person.

The third main factor - is the impact on a person other people. The influence can have on a person: parents, friends, wife, husband, children, colleagues and other people or events - all this creates numerology life. If you combine all factors together, created destiny, which you can change its action. Unfortunately many people do not believe in destiny but if there is a past, so must be the future and we talk about it now.

For example:
Man was born March 12, 1993

To find out the code of human activity, need to multiply all dates without zeros.

Numerology Date Of Death

To find human activity need to create a graph with axes (х, у).
Maximum for the "y" axis value is always is 9 and the minimum for the "x" axis is always 1.

Schedule Human Life Activity

Numerology life graph

Human activity

In the example of a person was born with high activity, but then in 24 years activity became smaller. In 36 years there is great activity it means success. In later years there is a high good life activity. This example we can see more details at Numerology date of death


Value to Numerology


A small supply of vital energy, а person needs the help of other people, so he is looking for new energy. The crisis in human life, trouble or serious illnesses. Sometimes a person is on the verge of death. The middle of the chart - can mean sudden death, the end of the graph - a long illness.


A person independently controls his destiny and not waits for help from other people. Vital energy is very small, so people quickly get tired. If early schedule - this means the birth of in adverse conditions and dysfunctional families. According to the graph the curve is located in the middle and at the end - poverty, loss of interest in life, illness and depression.


Uncertainty and a pessimistic view of the future. Loss of energy through a bad period of life. The gray bar in life.


Mutual relations and energy exchange with other people, but is earned by hard work. Financial position is not increased and no career.


Good health and positive mood. Manifestation of talent, high work capacity but there is no opportunity to become a leader. Life is interesting without trouble.


Frequent change of place, traveling and meeting new people. There is a desire to share love and be in the spotlight, but In the family may occur misunderstandings with your loved one.


Good job, new acquaintances with people and display of talent. High vital energy and many plans for the future.


Good and stable relationships in the family and respect for colleagues. Great plans for the future and the ability to realize their ideas. Man is able to compromise and defend their opinions. The manifestation of esoteric abilities


Person is able to lead a robotic collective, is able to influence other people and solve complex problems. A person with a great potential of energy, there is an energy exchange of other people's and ability to provide several steps forward. High esoteric ability. Man achieves high results in career, success in business and a good financial position.


Loneliness with great spiritual energy. More attention gives spiritual goods than the material things. A person is not interested in new technology but a good teacher and a psychologist. Able to direct people to the correct vital direction. The high level of spiritual knowledge and respect for people.

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