Life Code Numerology

Each person has a code of life that consists of one digit. According to Numerology, each digit is an encrypted energy. Each person is endowed with different abilities, which are encrypted in the form of a single digit and this figure is called the code of life.

The code of life on Numerology can be found by the date of birth, and after you learn the code of life, you will be able to extract detailed information about the abilities of a person. I want to tell you also that Numerology is the science of numbers thanks to which you can learn the hidden talents and destiny of a person not only by the date of birth, also by name.

How to find out the code of life by date of birth?
To learn the code of life by Numerology, you need to add all the numbers from the date of birth. You should get one digit.


Code life numerology

Calculate the Code of Life

You can use a free calculator to enter the day, month and year of birth.

Enter your date of birth
example: 25/04/1990

Each digit has a value in the table below and you can find out the hidden talents and abilities.


Value to Numerology


Power, courage, vitality

The Symbol of the Sun. Person is able to balance himself in all situations by mixing positive and negative qualities. According to numerology, the figure means a certain strength, innovation, the desire for the best. Sometimes the quality of tyranny and rudeness is manifested to reach the goal.


Gracefulness, delicacy, flexibility, partnership

Ability to adapt to different situations with benefits. In complex situations, the quality of instability is manifested. Leadership abilities only in a collective job.


Fantasy, creativity, perseverance

Leadership perseverance, a reliable and principled person, solves the problem in difficult situations. Stubbornness, but in some cases, there is a compromise.


Stability, patience, organization

Man risks and achieves good results. Not stable and unpredictable but feels happy.


Variability, curiosity

In harmony with nature, the ability to adapt to different situations and very rarely argues.


Harmony, tranquility, romance, family hearth

Ability to control calmness, stability and balance. Family and comfort in the house come first. Despite the friendliness of the person stubborn.


Unidentified, Fantasy, creativity, philosophical mind

Extrasensory abilities with developed intuition. Propensity to otherworldly and unidentified. It symbolizes mystery, the study of the unknown and the invisible.


Materiality, wisdom, confidence, compromise

A sign of material success. Propensity to constant self-analysis, lack of harmony with the outside world. A person is reliable and individual and very principled.


Communicative, versatile, active, resolute

A person strives for victory and often takes risks. Always able to achieve a goal and often forgets about spiritual values.

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