Palmistry - hill Saturn

Saturn is a career, human well-being. If a person has a convex hill of Saturn and it departs from many lines it indicates that such a person is able to achieve high results without applying a lot of effort can become a famous man.

In most cases, the highest hill of Saturn can be seen children and famous people. But if you have a poorly developed hill of Saturn and it does not depart from the line that does not mean that you will live a life not become famous or financially secure man. People who have poorly developed hill Saturn, if they want to in life to achieve good results they have to work hard.

Saturn hill in Palmistry and a line of fate is the same. We recall that the line of fate is always directed to the middle finger to the hill of Saturn, so the person throughout his life to seek reach high results. And if you see a line on the hand that comes from Saturn the hill, which indicates the energy counter. which indicates the energy counter. Rarely, but can be seen such people whose fate line or Saturn line begins at the wrist and ends near the hill Saturn.

The power of Saturn, is to keep the situation under control, so if the person is able to control his emotions and shows them only at the last moment, it means that he is endowed with the power of Saturn and such a person all endure and will be able to achieve its goal.

The value of the hill of Saturn on palmistry

The wavy line indicates the difficulties in professional activities. Such a person has work on the nerves, without pleasure. Such a person is willing to endure in order to achieve their cherished goal or earn a lot of money that will not bring him peace of mind.

wavy line on the hill of Saturn

The line on the hill of Saturn indicates a blockage of energy, palmistry is considered a bad sign. This sign indicates trouble in the of professional activities and financial difficulties. If a person has the ring of Saturn on the right and left hand such a person has a tendency to do away with you, in chiromancy is the sign of a suicide.

Saturn's ring

1 - If from hill Saturn line departs and ends at line the heart of such a person more inclined to spiritual qualities.

2 - If the line ends at the head, a man only his own mind can achieve the desired result.

3 - In palmistry if Saturn line is connected to the life line it indicates that man is endowed high goals in life and order to achieve his cherished dream he can sacrifice even his family so the partner of such a person should always listen and obey.

Saturn hill

Grille, an island or a circle indicate trouble. The Palmistry these signs considered with unfavorable, so if the owner of such hands constantly arise trouble on the material level in any case try to open a spiritual quality.

Grille, an island or a circle on the hill of Saturn

The thick line of Saturn in Palmistry means hard work. Throughout his life to such a person to achieve the desired result you need to make a lot of effort.

The thick line of Saturn in Palmistry

If the line is directed to the hill of Mars or from a Mars goes the line and crashed into the Saturn line, it indicates that the on the person affects the energy of Mars. Many believe that Mars is war, really on palmistry and astrology Mars is energy - the struggle for justice.

Mars with a Saturn connected through line

If the line is directed to the hill of the moon, such a person has a well-developed imagination and to strangers will seem ill-considered actions and no logical, though in fact, the owner of such hand will be a success.

Saturn line ends on the hill of the Moon

The gap on the line indicates the difficult period. In Palmistry this means that a person at a particular time will not be able to realize itself is in vain lived period of time.

Saturn line ends on the hill of the Moon

Hills need to look after the main lines

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