Palmistry - hill Jupiter

Hill of Jupiter in palmistry is leadership ability. If a person has a well-developed Hill of Jupiter, he is able to achieve good results and it is endowed with leadership abilities. If there is a high hill of Jupiter swelling, such a person is able to achieve good results, and is considered the person who has a lot of knowledge.

If a small hill of Jupiter, it does not mean that a person cannot be a leader and to occupy high posts. Thus personas to become a leader, you need to go the hard way. There are people who are able to control other people, this is when a high hill.

In palmistry Hill of Jupiter is essential. His influence is strongly reflected in the human condition. A little later we will see how Jupiter affected the hill to the main line.

Hill of Jupiter has a negative influence on the person. If a man does not live by human laws in the future it will affect the negative qualities of the hill of Jupiter. This energy will affect his personal life and career.

People who have a well-developed Hill of Jupiter, will not cheat and to achieve the desired results of dishonest acts.

It is persistent and honest person, whose words match the action. People who have a small hill can meanly deal with other people. They can be tricky and not always hold back a word. So solidly nature that men have a good developed Jupiter Hill, so they are more persistent from the women. Men are less manifest feelings of tenderness and compassion. Women are less insistent on men, they have this hill is not very developed. The woman has developed more than a hill of Venus, so they show tenderness and compassion.

The value of the hill of Jupiter on palmistry

You need remember. There are in palmistry two rules.

- If the line is from the hill of Jupiter passes through one of the four main lines - energy begins to affect the human. Palmistry is considered a bad sign.

- If the line of the hill is connected to one of the four main lines - people get more energy. The Palmistry is a good sign.

Small lines on the hill of Jupiter indicate that the person is well educated. The hill may be located one or several lines. Sometimes the lines on the hill say the high status of a person, such a line can be seen among politicians, executives large enterprises, scientists or teachers.

hill jupiter

Cross speaks of esoteric abilities. If your left hand there is a cross, a gift of nature to clairvoyance. If the two hands, the man will earn esoteric services. The cross on the right hand means that a person able to receive esoteric knowledge, including in palmistry.

Cross on the hill of Jupiter palmistry

Ring under the index finger Palmistry is a bad sign. The energy index finger going near the hill of Jupiter but for some reason people can not realize their ideas. Such people will never be able to take a position of the head and manage large enterprises. And if the person was able to achieve great results and become popular for some time the popularity of the end will come and he will feel unhappy and suffering person.

Ring on Jupiter palmistry

The square in Palmistry is a sign of protection. Such a man can not be commanded or to hurt.

Square on Jupiter on palmistry

Lattice points to the problems that man creates his actions. This is not the responsible people, who promises a lot and do not hold back a word. In palmistry grille is considered a bad sign, and if it is on the hill of Jupiter in this case, people will not be able to achieve good results in their lives.

grill on the hill of Jupiter palmistry

If the line from Jupiter down to the hill of Mars, such a person is an active way of life and has an impact on different people. These people are used to achieve their goals, and it is persistent and strict person.

palmistry line from Jupiter to Mars hill

If the line ends at the heart Jupiter hill, under the index finger, it means that soft-hearted person, often emotes. These people are capable of empathy. This persistent person whose sincere intentions and high spirituality. Such a person remains true to its principle and always tries to help others live according to conscience. This is an honest man, a pleasure to work with him, and you can always negotiate.

heart line ends on the hill of Jupiter

1 If the hill Jupiter line connects with the line of the heart - the person begins to acquire spiritual knowledge.
2 When connected to the line of the head - a man endowed with high intelligence.
3 When connected to the line of life - a good sign. Man is able to make important decisions, a leader who is able to make important decisions and to act according to conscience. It is a respected person.
4 If the line is from the hill of Jupiter is connected with the line of fate - career success.

We reviewed variants when the line of Jupiter helps a person to achieve good results, it is more energy. And if the line passes through one of the four main lines, it is a bad sign, the energy does not help the man, but destroys it.

- If the line from Jupiter cuts through the line of fate - such a person will not be able to achieve high results.
- If the line goes through the head - may occur various troubles, which are related to material goods.
- If the line goes through the heart - such a person loses spirituality, for it is more important than material wealth of spiritual values.

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